Ten on Tuesday…

15 Feb

1. Valentine’s Day was great.  We kept it low key at home with a crab dinner (hello favorite sea creature and edible thing EVER!) and a ice cream cone from McDonald’s…don’t hate…they have 4 pt. cones!  We also watched “Life As We Know It”…it was good.

2. Sunday we celebrated A and S’s birthday!  They turned 6 on Friday. No pics= lameo auntie!

3. Saturday we celebrated Heidi’s birthday with some Qdoba, a Kittyata, Just Dance, and some Candy Wine!  I played Beer Pong for the first time and lost so bad…

4. Friday I went to A and S’s kids party at the bowling alley!  5 and 6 year olds bowling is hysterical!

Here’s a pic of their nails we did last week in honor of turning 6!  We got flowa!

5. Wednesday we had dinner with the B’s…devouring fish from “The Guys’ Annual Fishing Trip”…perch and greenling were delicious thanks to the boys and Jeanna B!

6. Down 1.6 lbs…woot woot!

7.  I am being featured in the Dougy Center Annual Report.  The writer asked for a current picture and a picture of when I was there in 1988…yeah…that’s going to be an awesome pic for sure!  Can we say BANGS anyone?

8. Has anyone ever checked out No More Rack? That’s some sweet goodness right there.  I forget about checking it when the kids are at recess, cause if you don’t get it early you can say bye bye to the sweet deals!

9.  My 30th is coming soon…what should I do for it?

10.  These are becoming VERY popular in my class…besides me…two other littles have these.  I copied one and one copied me. =) POPULAR!


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