Ten on Tuesday…

22 Feb

1. This completes the end of a four day weekend for any students/staff in our school district and a few other neighboring ones as well.  It’s called FURLOUGH people…that means no pay…AGAIN!  But who can be mad about sleeping in?  NOT ME!  My sinus’ appreciate it too!

2. The Parker’s came over for a YUMMY dinner on Friday night.  The Boy made Philly Cheesesteaks…UH I can’t stop thinking about them! Baby W is growing up so fast!  He is just 8 months old and is very smart and moves like no one’s busiNAZZ!  Here’s a pic of all the Boys with their bottles…W is wondering when he gets the BIG BOY bottle.

3.  Yesterday I FINALLY got a new phone!  The past two were always shutting off…that doesn’t really work for me, but you should try it out for yourself.  Just now I realized that ALL my pictures are GONE…GOSH WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!  But better now that my phone has NOT shut off.

4.  Saturday was the celebration of my Aunt’s _____ th Birthday…she would kill me if I wrote the real number in there.  We ate at Gustav’s with the TROOPS (i.e. the A-team, Ry, and Ty, as well as their parents)  There was 4 under two!  Yikes!  Here is a pic of the cousins eating snacks on the floor.Adison, Aubrey, Rylee (in that order)

5. Sunday The Boy watched NASCAR all day long…GRRR!  I can’t stand that stuff!  But then we went to see this movie…SUPER FUNNY!

6. I have a cold…that could potentially be a sinus infection…GRRR.

7. I decided I needed to be some kind of productive today so I set up my digital frame that I got for Christmas.  It happened to be on one of my FAVORITE pics when I snapped my own pic of it!  It’s me and The Pioneer Woman!!!

8. Who’s excited for the New Real Housewives of Miami?!?!  I just read the bios on the ladies.  One of them is Scottie Pippen’s wife…which I have a bad feeling I am going to lose a few notches of respect for him…by the pure and simple fact that she proclaims herself as “Hottest NBA Wife”…wow!  Glen Rice’s ex is also on the show as well and proclaims “Co-Hottest NBA Wife”.  Let the drama begin!  And who can forget that Bethenny is back on Bethenny Ever After!

9. The weathermen here are saying the “S” word that us teachers have come to L.O.V.E.!!!!  BUT if it’s just like last week…don’t bother!  My weather motto…GO BIG OR GO HOME!

10.  OH MY STINKIN HECK!!! I forgot to announce something on here weeks and weeks ago and it just dawned on me!  Feb. 2nd I got the most amazing thing in the mail…

It was glorious…if I could have, I would have stayed up day and night reading it.  I LOVED it!  I want more!!!


2 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Heidi Williams February 22, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    Sass, Sunday night they sneak peaked the first episode of Real Housewives of Miami after “watch what happens live” or whatever.. It was quite interesting…… Man those ladies have ego’s but it actually seemed like Scottie PIppens wife was one of the most normal… Of course she was driving her kids to school in a Rolls Royce, or Bentley (i cant remember) but ya know. But i watched, i think it will be good….. It’s just what Justin wants… ANOTHER housewives for me to get hooked up 🙂

    • teachermegpie February 22, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

      Dang I missed that!
      I am glad Larsa seems better than my prejudgement because I like Scottie. It makes me wonder if Larsa ever lived here…

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