Ten on Tuesday…apparently I never published this!

2 Mar

1. I NEED THIS!!!!

But only one problem…it’s $240!!!  But it’s beautiful!  I can just imagine my Pioneer Woman Sangria all posted up in that tree…

2.  And also while browsing this weekend I found these on someone’s blog and I believe they could be the most coolest thing in the world!!! They come from Meringue Bake Shop out of Los Angeles. Who doesn’t like cupcakes on a stick? I believe Rose is headed to LA pretty shortly…maybe she could pick me up a few?!?!?!  HINT HINT!!!

3.  I picked up a babysitting gig that is going to get me a deep discount on my JAZZ to the CISE classes!!! Can we say…HOLLLLLLLLLAAA!!!!!!!!

4.  I had a Groupon that was burning a hole in my pocket so I used it this week on our Snowday! (see number 5)  I bought two paperbacks for the kidlets and “Charlie The Ranch Dog” as well as “Two Kisses for Maddy”.  I read Pioneer Woman (DUH!) as well as the author’s blog from Two Kisses for Maddy…I can’t wait to read his book!

I think the kids will really enjoy the Charlie book…okay I will too!

5. We had a SNOW day on Thursday!  It was glorious…and the best kind!  It all melted by 11:00 so we had a day to goof off!  I can almost guarantee that all superintendents in this Portland Metro area were kicking themselves in the shins for that one!  Oh wait…money was being saved so maybe not!  I have no pics…it all melted by 11 remember?

6. Last night The Boy and I babysat our favorite 2 year old.   What a crack up!  He loves to hit balls with his bat.  Sometimes using the bat as a golf club…okay most of the time.  The Boy was on his knees pitching to him so he decided he needed to be on his knees swinging the bat.  Hilarious!

7. It’s March 1 which means there are only 18 shopping days left till my birthday…but if you count today and my actual birthday it’s 19…

8.  Friday at school I pulled out my first tooth.  No not mine…a child’s.  I am not really that proud of it cause I am sure there is some rule about the teacher putting their fingers in a child’s mouth.  But I was so excited that I had a chance to actually get it out on top of the fact that she was going to let me….I couldn’t help myself.  I am not going to lie…there was a feeling of accomplishment there!

9. It’s National Pancake Day so in honor we are having Dutch Babies tonight (German Pancakes) they are delicious!   We like to put butter and powdered sugar on them and sometimes some sort of fruit!  Rumor has it that you can get a shortstack for free at IHOP.  They ask you leave a small donation for Children’s Miracle Network.  I can only imagine what that place is going to be like today!  One time we were at a pretty ghetto IHOP in our HOOD and it might have been 3:00am and someone dined and dashed…it was CRAZY!

10. Penguins have taken over first grade!


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