Tooth Fairy is that you?

7 Mar

Everyday when I take the children to lunch, we end up waiting a few minutes because I am an early bird and I don’t want to be last in line.  Today I was involved in this conversation:


K: Miss MegPie I think my tooth is ready for you to pull now!  (I pulled a girl’s tooth out two weeks ago because it was driving me insane and I had to take matters into my own hands.)

Me: Oh no…that’s your job!

K:  Do you know that my mom called the tooth fairy last night?

Me and other student:  She did?

K: yep!

Other student: WHAT IS HER PHONE NUMBER?!?!

K: 000-0000  it’s all zeros…it’s like when you call 9-1-1 and they ask you who you need to come to your house…it’s just like that but you tell them Santa, Easter Bunny, Cupid…you know!

Me: oh wow!

Other student:  I have got to write that number down!




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