Ten on Tuesday…

8 Mar

1.  I will be honest.  I usually write these starting on Monday afternoon and by the time Tuesday at lunch rolls around…or sometimes even before…I publish them.  Needless to say…it’s 10 minutes after noon also known as 12:10 and I am just starting these.  Busy much?!?!

2.  Last week I thought I had the busiest schedule until I sat down and figured out this week’s (classes, shopping, tutoring, new babysitting gig, artist in residence at school, new penguin unit at school, shopping for a new outfit for Tyler’s baptism)…oy vey!  I am not sure how busy people function like this.  More on that next week!

3. The phone saga continues.  Last Thursday morning I took the rugrats to recess, and looked at my Fancy Phone…OFF..it was OFF again…I am not going to sugar coat this, I panicked…this is the exact reason I took Fancy Phone back TWICE!!!  I turned her back on and she was fine…until I realized my WW buddy hadn’t texted me about her weigh in…for a brief 10 seconds I thought she didn’t want to be weigh in buddies anymore, but then I saw an email from her…TEXT MESSAGING WASN’T WORKING ON MY PHONE!!!  END OF THE WORLD!!  So after The Boy sat on the phone with tech support that night for 45 minutes they determined I needed to take it into the store.  After the sales guy (who is very helpful I might add) tried all his tricks, he called Warranty support for help.  They got it working again.  This thing is a piece of garbage just so you know.  Also…just so you know…The Boy got the exact same phone on the exact same day back in August and has not has ONE…count them…NOT ONE problem with his. WTC? (what the crap!)

4. Last night I purchased some cute little shoesies…I am not that IN LOVE with them as I really just needed to make the ding dang purchase and get my bunz back home in bed!


5. Oh man I almost forgot what I was really looking forward to putting on here…I got myself a new kitchen gadget.  We were at one of my FAVORITE places, Home Goods, looking for a cake server (cause I found out at Amy’s Shower that I didn’t have one) and The Boy found this gem (insert picture of jalapeno cleaner outter that is so rad I can’t even find a pic online of it)…and it made my life so much easier while making poppers!  I have figured out that if you make a LARGE batch and freeze them, you can pull a few out at a time if you want a yummy little snack!

6. Oh my stinkin heck..speaking of Amy’s Shower…Miss Allie Louise was born on Wednesday morning!  She was 7 lbs. 8 ounces and she is beautiful!!!  Congrats Mama and Daddy!  I will ask them if I can post photos!

7.  I am going to start some sewing over Spring Break.  I have a friend that is an AMAZING sewer and she is going to help me!  I can’t wait…hopefully she will be patient with me!  I will show you some pics when I have some masterpieces done!

8. So when I bought my house in 2009 the $8,000 incentive was a fancy lovely item to obtain.  I have some great appliances to show for it!  So I am currently having my taxes done and I get this email from the guy doing it and he says all is good but I have to start my repayment of the $8,000…HELLO PANIC again!!!  I reply back with “What repayment?”  And he comes back with “Good news, I gave you the wrong info. People who claimed the first time homebuyer’s credit in 2008 have to repay it over a number of years. It was like a loan. But for those who claimed the credit in 2009, which you did, the credit is free money. No repayment.”  I lost about 8 years off my life!

9. Only 11 more shopping days left till my birthday…just sayin!

10.  I am currently finishing this in the allergist’s office…there is a full size human being digging through the children’s toy box…yikes…



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