Ten on Tuesday…

15 Mar

1. Phew…I made it…through one of the busiest weeks of my life.  Yes, I may be a whiner, but I honestly could never live like that.

2.  Something I left out of last week’s post was the planning for Rose’s SURPRISE Party!  Besides all the other things, I was making decorations, and doing some last minute planning.  I wish I could have canceled everything else and JUST worked on the party because it is soooo fun and I LOVE IT!  We had about 18 guests show up and it was a blast.  She was surprised beyond belief even though some things were spilled by the elderly…OH and do you think I took ANY pics?!?!?!  NO…what the heck?!?!  I have NOTHING!

3. Saturday was my Godson, Tyler’s (my cousin Lindsey’s son) baptism.  It was awesome and I feel so blessed to be honored as his Godmother.  We drove to Tacoma where my cousin Lindsey and her family live.  He was baptized at Bellarmine Prep, where his daddy works.  A very sweet small service and then lunch at Lindsey and Brian’s darling new house.  We took grandma with us which was fun. She loved just staring out the window and complimented The Boy on his driving once an hour if not more!

4. Sunday we walked the Shamrock “stride”.  Next year we will definitely be running it, but the walk did us good.  We were drenched before it even started but no one cared.  Among the 4,500 walkers we found our friend David walking with his dad who was keeping a pretty mean pace.   His dad, Bill is blind and is training for a marathon!  Go BILL!!!

5. I can’t complete this post without mentioning the tragedy in Japan.  I am saddened by all the deaths, injuries, and losses the Japanese have had this past week.  I hope things start looking up for them, but until then my thoughts and prayers are with them all.

6.  I am in the mood for a Silouette Machine.  I am leaning towards this one and not the Cricut because I hear it hooks up to your computer…other than that I have no clue about it.

7.  I am currently sitting at the car dealership waiting for my oil to be changed, etc. etc…1.5 hours later…I am still sitting here.  UGH!

8. We went to the local dive bar for dinner…there are many video poker machines there and we get a kick out of making fun of the people that play them.  They knock on the screens they wipe the screens…they do anything they can for “luck”…tonight…someone’s lucky rituals paid off…she hit it BIG $8,000 BIG!!  She bought everyone drinks!

9. Saturday I went to bed at 7:30…L.O.S.E.R.

10. I have to leave you with this picture cause it’s my favorite!!!!


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