Tyler’s Baptism

21 Mar

You saw most of the pics from my Godson’s baptism from his mama, Lindsey’s blog but I wanted to make sure I had this on my own blog too.  It’s not everyday you become a Godmother.  Grandma drove up to Tacoma with us.  I think she really enjoyed the drive, minus spilling Starbucks all over herself…oops!

Adison, Aubrey, Tyler, and Rylee waiting for the festivities to begin.  Tyler’s dress was way too small so we couldn’t button it!

The opposite of that picture…all the adults trying to get them to look the same way.

Tyler LOVED the water and once they put him back upright he kept reaching for the bowl.

These Tic Tacs rock!

The Godparents and Tyler

Mom and I with Tyler Here’s Miss Sassy with a flower in her hair that came out .2 seconds later.

Aubrey cracking us up!

It was a really fun day!  I am so honored to be Tyler’s Godmother.


Here’s another video of the girls jumping on Rylee’s trampoline.  They are hysterical and Rylee’s moves crack me up.


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