Ten on Tuesday

22 Mar

1.  I am sick.  Again.  I feel like I am rarely not sick.  This is probably the worst sinus infection (self diagnosis) I have ever had.  I am headed in to see the doc tomorrow morning since he was on vacation today.

2. Oh yes, it’s Spring Break too!  This is the second year in a row I have started my Spring Break sick.  Just so you know.  It blows.

3. My birthday was Saturday and I was sick.  We went to the beach with our friends the Semilliams and stayed in a funny little place.  Super nice, awesome view…no bathroom lights in the middle of the night.  Not sure what happened, but the two bathrooms had no lights. Do you like the view?

4. I got this little gem for my birthday from The Boy.   I can’t wait to use it in my crafting room!

5. Since my birthday didn’t fall on a school day, my teammate, kids, and parents took advantage anyway! My teammate left a sign on my door announcing to everyone I was turning 30!  The kids were thrilled!  She also put 30’s all over my mailbox in the office incase someone missed my door.  The rest of the day the kids were making things for me with 30’s all over them.  At the end of the day a mom brought in cupcakes for the class.  The kids were beyond excited!  She also is the one that owns Portland Pie, she brought me a Chocolate Irish Cream Pie!  I just LOVE her!  Too bad I have her last child in my class this year!

6. This video cracks me up…it’s super short, but notice what Rylee is doing to Aubrey’s hand.  She did it for like 10 minutes, but everytime I pulled out my camera she would stop.

7. Sassy made me this awesome crazy cake!!!  I love the cake plate too but she said I couldn’t keep it…

8.  LOVING Real Housewives of Orange County…NOT loving Real Housewives of Miami…how about Marisol’s mom?  Elsa’s face?  WTC?!?!?  They are supposed to be on “Watch What Happens Live” tomorrow night, but Elsa’s afraid to fly so Andy sent two of his people down to drive them up!  Should be lovely… I am loving Bethenny Ever After too!  Man she has issues!  How cute is the Foodie Guy, Nick?

9.  My taxes are DONE and that made me happy!  Two fist pumps for paying mortgage every month!

10. For my birthday, Mom gave me $$$ to buy this…


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