Ten on Tuesday…

29 Mar

1. How cute is this little DARLING…Allie Louise..she slept on Kristy and I like this for like 2 hours!  Look at those cutie cheeks!  We LOVED visiting her over Spring Break!  And her mama Amy looks AWESOME!

2.  Kristy also taught me some mad sewing skills…I whipped this out over break…I LOVE IT!  We stole it off the etsy.com website and found our own pattern for it.  Super fun!

Here’s the boy version…

3.  Thursday The Boy and I took 3 of our mini friends to see Tangled after a pizza dinner at our house.  Two thumbs up for that movie.   I can’t imagine having hair that long!  The girls had seen the movie before but were still very into it.  We discussed at length her hair after it was cut.  We were baffled at how it just went right into a style when it got cut off.  P.S. Sometimes Disney movies have pretty intense plots.

4.  Two fist pumps for our a new restaurant we tried for lunch on Friday!  Hawaiian Time in Oregon City was the shiz!  The small was a great size portion for this girl!  I had the Huli-Huli Chicken, which was just teriyaki chicken with white rice.  I LOOOOVE white rice!  No Mac Salad though…blah!

5.  Over break I also learned to use this…(don’t be jealous of all the fun I had, OK?)

to repair this…

Sweet ring eh?  Too bad that’s not my hand! But if anyone’s taking notes..(ahem, ahem) that bling is N.I.C.E.  I just Googled “holes in the wall” or something to that affect to get that picture. Unfortunately, our drywall is weak or maybe I am too hard on it?!?!  But I fixed a few blemishes…oh and painted behind the stove that I originally couldn’t reach, but then SOMEONE pulled it out for some reason and then it looked like I did a half bunz job on it behind there…

6.  Wednesday was The Boy’s brother’s birthday…so we went here…

and ate this…

before you starting thinking I was good for ordering veggies…THINK AGAIN!  Baked Potato baby!

7. Tuesday night we went to our friend’s the B’s for dinner (yes, there was a lot of eating over break…don’t judge)  It was my birthday celebration dinner so J made the MOST amazing Beef Wellington, Corn Spoon Bread with jalapenos, and a wedge salad…to top it off she had made chocolate cake!!! YUMMERS!  And she gave me an AWESOME Pandora bracelet that I LOVE!!! I wish I was rich so I could go to LaRog and FILL. IT. UP.

8.  I have now been to the doctor twice for my Sinus “Event”…that’s what doc calls it.  Steroids is the key…I HATE THEM…THEY ARE THE DEVIL …one reason, weight gain!!! GRR!!!

9. Plans are in full swing for another Baby Shower at Casa de MegPie!  I need to start a business!!!

10. My cousin Lauren found out she is having a boy today, 3 kids under 2.5 GOOD LUCK sista!…and Mrs. V finds out what she is having on Wednesday!!!!! I can’t wait!!!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. amy March 31, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    Whose cute baby is that?? Thanks for coming to visit and for the lunch and dinner. I ate some mac n’ cheese and froze the rest. It was so good!

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