Ten on Tuesday…

5 Apr

1. Mrs. V found out she is having a GIRL!!!  She was the first recipient of the “Owl Snuggly” made by yours truly.

2. I am excited for the Season Premier of Real Housewives of New York City on Thursday!  I am interested to see Cindy’s (the new gal) personality.  I can’t stand Alex and it looks like Sonja takes care of her from the start!  Miami just ended…phew!  I wasn’t a fan.

3. This weekend The Boy and I hung out with the Martin’s and went bowling with dinner at Red Lobster afterward.  I clearly need to work on my game.  I sucked it up!  I am the proud owner of Just Dance 2 which I LOVE!!!  Thanks Martin’s for a fun night!

4. Sunday I got to meet Baby Dot!!! She is adorable!  She wasn’t sure she liked me at first, but now we are BFF.

5. I had to repost this…some friend’s have a 2 year old that is HILARIOUS!  They live in Texas so I never see them but Facebook is where it’s at…here is what mama posted today…

Tony (2 year old), head under the coffee table with play tools in hand: “I’m just screwdrivering this thing.”
Don (dad), attention on the game: “Oh ok. Great job bud.”
Tony crawls out and hands Don an actual bolt from the table: “Here you go dad. I fixed it.”

6. Anyone know of a good vacuum that’s not too spendy but will master the house?  The Boy is allergic to dustmites!  As am I…I figure it’s time for a new vac.  We need bagless BTW…of course I would want a Dyson, but I can hear my bank account suffering everytime I hear that word.

7. Remember that post I did about Zulily?  Well, that night (March 2nd) I order some darling things for my nieces who are all turning two this month.  Monday April 4th I got an email saying they were shipping…I am praying they arrive by their party on the 23rd.  I mean I know that’s some time, but it’s taken this amount to get them shipped!  They will hopefully be worth it.  I will post pics after the party!

8. This weekend we are headed to the Bike Show!  Hopefully they have my cruiser there for purchase!  At least to ride around the convention center!  Last time I was there I slipped on ice and sprained my ankle…it’s always something!

9.  Raise your hand if you think this post is my lamest yet?!!??!  ME ME ME

10. I am taking all prayers, fingers crossing, toes crossing or whatever you can to do keep me at my school…things are about to start happening…UGH!

11. So if you can’t have 10 good ones, I’ll give you eleven lame ones…but this story tops them all.

Here it goes…

A few weeks ago I was walking through the office (after school) as one of my secretaries was hanging up the phone.  We were missing one of our students.  He is the brother of one of mine.  The daycare called to tell us they had my student, we’ll call her Suzy, but no brother.  No parent is answering the phone.  Luckily brother was right, he was supposed to go home and shortly realized no sister was around, but parents were home to go get sister.  No problem, except I felt it was my fault for not making her new bus tags.  The next morning dad called to return the secretaries phone call from the afternoon before and proceeded to tell her that brother is usually right and Suzy is sometimes wrong…like the week before (we never heard two words about this, until this phone call) when Suzy (six years old mind you!) got on the “home” bus and let herself in the house and played in her room for 2 hours ALONE!  So everyday or so I have been reminding her where to go, etc…

Today…secretary says…”Oh MegPie…Suzy’s missing again!  She didn’t go to daycare but brother did.”  So we assume she has gone home, but we need to get a hold of someone cause no one is at home for her.  So secretary calls a neighbor to see if they remembered Suzy getting off the bus.  Neighbor says…”oh yes, Katie (her daughter and another one of my students) is over there playing right now!”  Secretary quickly tells her that there are no adults home at this time and it would be a good idea to go get those two girlies and bring them back to her house!!! Let me just tell you one thing.  I would NEVER let these two play together, let alone play together with no adult supervision. the end.


3 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Heidi Williams April 5, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    Wow, i am surprised our EPIC night out friday did not make this blog… Do you think people get sick of hearing about you hanging with the Semillians? I DONT THINK SOOOO.

  2. Andrea April 7, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    Get a roomba…we have two dogs and instead of having to vaccum daily to keep up with the dog hair, we just set the roomba to vaccum (it has a timer and can do a room at a time) and it works WONDERS!

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