Miss J…

12 Apr

I have a kiddo in my class…we’ll call her Miss J.

Miss J is one of the funniest children I have ever met.  She says 80% of the funny things in my class.  She is a comedian and she knows she is funny.  Today’s convo went something like this…

We are sitting in reading group around a kidney shaped table (not sure if that’s important info or not so I didn’t want to leave it out incase you were wondering).  It’s her turn to read and I have to say her name to get her attention because she’s spacing off…

Me:  “Miss J?”

Me: “Miss J?”

Miss J:  “Oh oh sorry teacher!  I was daydreaming…that happens a lot to me.  I was daydreaming about Disneyland and I am saving my money to go there next year (she just got back like a month or two ago) and I am going to save all of it so I can buy anything I want to.

Me:  “oh wow! well thanks for being honest about the daydreaming…”


Me:  “Yeah…hmmm…I don’t think so…”

Miss J:  “Dang!  Cause that would have been cool!”


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