Ten on Tuesday…

12 Apr

1. Incase you missed it on my Facebook, a kid in my class said the word “Vagina”.  It was loud enough in the class that I couldn’t hear who said it but it was clear enough there was no mistaken for “regina”, “virginia”, or any of those other funny words!  Speaking of funny words….I am about to bring one of my favorite college words back…GYNELLA!!! pronounced: J-eye-nella

2.  The Boy and I started the Couch to 5k.  No you aren’t having dejavu.  I started once this last summer, but something about a GINORMOUS blood blister wasn’t working for me and BAM…I was done.  So we started and he already has an injury.  Actually it was pre-exsisting which means that he is out for the count. Sad but true.

3. The Boy is about to turn the big 33 and I am very excited about his gifts!!!  Possibly more excited than he will be.  We’ll see!

4.  I am excited to share my purchase from Zulily with you…BUT unfortunately they are presents for my nieces and their mamas read this blog and giving 2 year olds gifts is similar to giving their mama gifts so I can’t let their mama’s see!  After the 23rd I will reveal the DARLING “things”.  THANK GOODNESS THEY FINALLY CAME!

5. My mom left for her Booze Cruise last night…she will have a blast. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

6. On Saturday we had some friends over for dinner and The Boy made some DELICIOUS with a capital “D” stuffed burgers…I can’t stop thinking about them!!!!!  They were stuffed with peppers and cheese.

7. Incase ya’ll like the Spring Beer and Wine fest in Portland and plan on going…go here first to save yourself a load of moola!!  We did!

8. Friday night we went to see the Blazers smoke the Lakers…it was a fantastic game and I couldn’t fine Khloe anywhere.  I am not even sure she was there.

9.  On our way out the door to the game, I saw a shiny silver thing catch my eye on my back tire.  Oh yes, a giant nail was stuck in my tire.  Can you say 3 times in 1.5 years?  Living in a construction zone chaps my heiney! Luckily my dear friends at Les Schwab were available at 8am on Saturday to fix that bad boy!

10. Snack dog (my mom’s pup) is residing at our house for awhile due to the fact that mother is absent…on her Booze Cruise…so last night was the first night.  We may or may not have given her a tranquilizer because she is wound up tight anyway and we didn’t get home from taking mother to the airport until late and she’s not what you call a good sleeper.  So let me tell you…she slept like a B.A.B.Y….and then I just got a text that she piddled on the floor.  LOVELY!  I don’t do dogs that piddle.  I’m just saying.  I hope it was due to the fact she was still so sleepy and couldn’t make it downstairs?


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