Ten on Tuesday…

19 Apr

1. Our “houseguest” has has overstayed her welcome.  Since my last post, she has “piddled” (that’s for you Lisa) 2 more times for a total of 3.  I think she has finally figured out that we are not happy with her when she does it and hasn’t done it since Tuesday.  We took her to see Redwood at Heidi and Justin’s this weekend.  I tried to get her to ride Redwood (100lb Bernese Mtn. Dog) like a horse, but they weren’t down.  Since I started this post, she piddled again.  When does my mom come home?!?!

2. Sunday night I finally ordered my Silouette Machine!  It’s supposed to be here next week…hopefully before our furlough days so I can get my craft on!!!

3. Couch 2 5k is going well.  I am sad that The Boy isn’t doing it with me but perhaps he’ll get there at some point!  Week 3 starts Tuesday!

4.  HELLO allergies!!!!  Sunday was a touch nice out…and BAM!  Allergies attack.  I think I will make that into a movie…”When Allergies Attack”…I am pretty sure it will be a good one.

5. I am in the middle of watching “Bethenny Ever After”…I can’t get over how funny the baby nurse is!  I honestly didn’t think that Bethenny was going to like her as much as she does.  The way she calls Bethenny “mama” just kills me.

6.  I have searched the greater Portland area for the perfect plates and napkins for two showers I am throwing in the next month.  Does no one carry cute plates and napkins anymore??  Just wondering…

7.  We have Mt. Clean Laundry starting to erupt in our hallway.  It’s a bad bad thing.  You don’t want pics…it’s embarrassing.  We do great at doing the laundry…it’s the folding we don’t get around to.  It ends up literally strewn (first time ever using that word, and it’s possible I didn’t use it correctly) all over the hallway.  If we died and one of you people had to come in our house…you would probably die too. Our hallway doubles as a closet/dresser too.

8.  Today I fulfilled my duties as the Monday Babysitter at Jazz to the Cise.  It never fails…whenever I pray no one will show up (cause I get to leave or workout..today was a leave day) Little Growler shows up.  You think I joke.  No joke here…he growls at me….frequently…the whole hour.  I usually don’t have other kids so he sits in the corner and plays his DS or whatever that Gameboy thing is called.  Kids these days don’t even know what Gameboy is!  Anyway, he told me today that he would like for me to not speak to him cause he would like some “alone time”.  I said, “Bless you” when he sneezed and I thought he was going to grow fangs.  What makes it even better is when I get paid in quarters…4 quarters for one hour…can you say awesome???

9. Check out this new website that my teacher neighbor sent me!! You can design your own fabric!!! HOLLA!!!  It’s called Spoonflower.com…perhaps you crafters/sewers will enjoy as much as I.

10. I do a check in with a old “little friend” of mine.  She was in my class two years ago.  Anyway, she was having some difficulty in class with pushing, punching, hitting…you know the usual..=) so I told her teacher that I could help out by having her check in with me three times a day for a little pep talk.  Seems to be working…anyway, the other day she comes to my classroom and says “Miss MegPie!  Your class sang beautifully at the assembly today!  I remember when we studied penguins…those were the good ‘ol days!”


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