Ten on Tuesday…

26 Apr

1.  The Boy turned 33 Saturday…he’s old.

2. My Silhouette machine is currently sitting on a UPS truck “out for delivery” which means I should be die cutting in less than 10 hours (it could be earlier but I have some appts!) !!!!!  (hmm…maybe my counselor or allergist will want to die cut with me???)

3.  For The Boy’s birthday we went to dinner and then the Oregon Beer and Wine Festival with some great friends.  He got some awesome gifts…one being a bridal magazine.  I LOVE IT!

4.  I am not going to lie…Friday morning I got some of the most depressing news.  My principal who is one of my all time favorite people is taking a promotion to the district office.  Super happy for him, but that doesn’t do anything for my worries of a not so good principal filling his GIANT shoes.  Stay tuned…

5. Not only did we celebrate The Boy’s birthday on Saturday but we had a very important 2 year old extravaganza.  Three of my nieces turned two within the last two weeks so we had to celebrate!  We also saw everyone on Sunday for Easter brunch too which was great.  I love those kiddies and can’t get enough!

6. I got a late birthday gift from my Auntie and Uncle over the weekend…2 walmart gift cards with a starbucks!  The Walmart gift cards were so happily used to purchase…wait for it….

I can’t wait to bring back my best moves from the 80’s!!!!  My mom even knows how to play!

7.  Incase you haven’t seen this website (which I could have sworn I blogged about before, but couldn’t find it in the search) you MUST check it out!  It’s like happiness in a box when it arrives at your door and you or the person you buy for will LOVE whatever you purchase!  I have bought multiple things off this site and they don’t disappoint!  thevintagepearl.com

8.  Anyone ever been here?  Thoughts comments???  I saw a story on the news about people getting hurt, but I am totally okay with that.  I am a risk taker.

9. Since starting this…my Silhouette Machine has arrived and I have CUT already!!! It’s easy and oh so cute!!!  I can’t wait to make something useful!  Perhaps my children will have new name tags in the morning!!!!

10.  Headed out now, 7:00pm to do my Couch 2 5k…it’s cold, and I am tired, but I HAVE to!  Then I will be back to play Tetris Party!!! I hope The Boy is ready to lose!


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