Ten on Tuesdays…

3 May

1. I FINALLY used my bike money to buy a bike!  My mom knew I wanted a Cruiser for my birthday but she wanted me to pick it out so she just gave me some cash.  I kept it well hidden until today when it was the day to make the purchase!  We got it from Target, and it was already a sweet deal.  When we got it down from the rack, there were some small dings in it so we asked if we could get a discount…okay I should say The Boy asked.  No problem!  15% more!  Plus I have the Red Card so there’s another 10%…we got a great deal!  We’ve already been out for a spin!  I have some biking to do before I feel in “bike shape” again!

2. I have been working like a fool getting ready for another Baby Shower I am throwing this weekend for my dear friend Jeanna.  I cannot wait!  This is my best one yet.  I think I say that about all of them and then I get more ideas and run with it.  My Silhouette machine has made this all possible.

3. Couch to 5k is going well.  I just finished week 4 Day 2…it’s a killer, but I can do it!  Stick to it.

4.  I am back on track with my weight loss journey…I was plateauing for awhile, but last week I lost 2.6 lbs. which I was very happy about! Hard work pays off.

5. Saturday night we went out for a friend’s birthday.  We met at a place called Galaxy.  It’s a Chinese restaurant/karaoke bar.  The bar drew in a pretty eclectic crowd…I don’t think I will be visiting there again!

6. Thursday and Friday were furlough days…it was LOVELY having them off and getting so much done for the shower and just hanging out…my checking account happens to be crying at the moment though!

7. Saturday I went to A and S’s t-ball game…SOOOO CUTE!!!!  There are only 7 girls on the team and I think there were only 6 there.  The girls are darling and try so stinkin hard!  The girls on the other team…wowsa! I think a therapist was needed on their bench!  There were tears and screaming and annoyed parents to say the least!

8. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills….rawr! The claws are out!  Speaking of therapy…

9. Two weekends ago we were at the 2 year old’s party…and I got to cuddle on Chase…he’s my nephew too…did you lose count yet?  Look at those cheeks!! He weighs more than his sister who is 11 months older than him!

10. Charlie the Ranch Dog and Two Kisses for Maddy came today!!! I can’t wait to read them!!!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesdays…”

  1. Sue T. May 4, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    You didn’t tell me you got a bike yesterday!! Yeah! We should go cruising around the hood this summer. I have a turquoise cruiser…yea, I said turquoise:)

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