Ten on Tuesday…

17 May

1. So…something happened last week that I never ever thought would.  It was a shock to say the least.  I received a pink slip.  There’s nothing good about it.  There’s nothing anyone can say that will make me feel better.  If you feel like you need to say something, a simple “thinking about you” works fine.  Please don’t say anything else.  Trust me.  It’s similar to a death.  People don’t know what to say so usually what comes out of their mouths is more hurtful than good.

2. The Boy and I went to see a movie on Friday night.  I had a lot of conflict with it, because morally it just wasn’t right.  I loved the cast though!

3. Saturday was the annual benefit for The Dougy Center.  I got to volunteer, greeting people in the check in line!  People are so generous…and some are just plain interesting!  It was fun to see the amazing people that make this amazing place run.

4. Couch to 5k is going strong!!! I finished Week 6 Day 2 last night.  Thursday I had a 20 minute run that I rocked due to the fact that my mind was “other” places. =)

5. Can anyone say 15?  15 is the number of days left this school year!!! Where did it go???

6.  I am available to tutor this summer if anyone needs my services!  I do anything 4th grade and below =) (seriously though)

7. Just finished the season premier of Real Housewives of New Jersey…Y to the ikes! Nothing but class!

8. Just finished “Two Kisses For Maddy”…SO GOOD!  I highly recommend it!

9.  I caught a little girl in my class lying through her teeth about a current speech assignment she is supposed to be giving.  I was absent last week for two days and she took advantage of that.  I asked her yesterday when she would be ready, already being about 5 days late.  She said, “uh…tomorrow”…okay great I said to her.  Then she comes back up five minutes later to inform me she had already given it on Friday when the sub was there…interesting.  I said, “Little girls shouldn’t lie” and sent her on her way…The Boy thinks I should make her do a speech on why she shouldn’t lie to the teacher.

10. I was having a hard time finishing up this ten…my mind is in a different place.  As I was “thinking” I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook…and my friend just had a baby not long ago…check out this photoshoot…http://www.daveeblublog.com/?p=957  it’s sooooo precious!


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