Ten on Tuesday…

24 May

1. This past weekend took us to Bend, OR…home of the Pole Pedal Paddle!  We actually went there because The Boy was on a support crew for one of those “Crazies” that do that race.  The support crew’s job is to get each station ready for the athlete to come in and “change” equipment, underwear, clothes, or whatever is needed.  C’s athlete got 2nd place for his division!

2. Friday I took a personal day and went to see “Bridesmaids”…WHAT A FREAKIN FUNNY MOVIE!!!  (wait I just re-read that and it sounded like I took a personal day to go see that movie…that wasn’t the case…coincidence)  Being a bridesmaid 8 times makes one really appreciate this movie.  Melissa McCarthy was HILARIOUS (among all the others)!

3. I am so looking forward to this SHOW!  Should be a good one!

4. I am rocking the Couch to 5k…up to running 25 minutes…this week we will be working on 28 minutes.  When I say “we” I mean, me, myself, I and the ducks at the pond I run around (that hiss at me when I am in their way)

5.  I have to brag…I gave one of my little guys a reading test today.  How Many Words Could He Read In A Minute? was the title (not really but it sounds much better than the real name) =)  He read 17 wpm (words per minute for those who don’t speak kid reading scores) in January…he read 65 today.  He’s worked his beheiney off and as much as I would like to take ALL the credit…MANY were involved in this.  I am so proud of him!

6. We ate here yesterday in Madras…

It was d-to the lish!…my favorite was when the waitress wobbled a little on her skates. Why don’t we have one of these closer to my house?  Just wondering…

7. Once in awhile my kids at school will slip me their sports schedule…soccer, basketball, baseball, softball…been to them all.  It’s fun but the kids have no clue what to do with their teacher there!  Last week I got to see the Happy Valley “Destroyers” play some mean softball.  I can’t get over their name…

8.  As you know if you are an “avid” reader of my bloggy…that I babysit at Jazz to the Cise on Monday nights.  It quickly turned from every other week to every week…that was supposed to be on a short term basis…whatever!  Anyway, I have one regular.  Mr. C…he likes to growl at me…he’s pissed constantly at me for asking him things or trying to engage him in conversation.  I figure since I am the “babysitter” I should play with the kids or something…oh no…if I talk or come near him…he growls…so not kidding either.  One day I asked him if he went to school…his answer “no one freakin cares!” Alrighty then!

9. I watched Part 1 of Oprah’s Farewell Spectacular…it’s everything I thought it would be.  Tears are rollin!  I’m going to miss her…we’re like BFF!

10. Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Joplin…and all others suffering from disasters.  I can complain about the rain all I want, but I really have no leg to stand on.  We are blessed to live here in Oregon.


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