Ten on Tuesdays

31 May

1. Friday I went to Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Craft Superstore to stock up on scrapbook paper!  WOOOOWEEEEE was I happy to see 5 pieces for $1.00!  Regularly priced at $.59  When the cashier saw my pile of paper she so rudely said, “Oh great this is my favorite sale” and rolled her eyes.  Awesome…it’s tempting me to go back and get more and mix them all up so all the barcodes are in different areas of the paper.  I also got 15% off for being a teacher.  My total was $10.46 and I had saved 22.00 (I got a few other things too)!  This doesn’t include the cutting mat scraper (looks like a miniature pie server) that I made The Boy go into a different line to buy because it was my most expensive item and I had a %40 off one item coupon.  He’s such a trooper to even go with me in the first place!  I gave him a little payment of a quarter.  You see…our Jo-Ann’s Superstore is in what some would call…THE GHETTO!  Scary to go at night…so I don’t.  Anyway, the carts have a money machine on them and if you want a cart you put in a quarter.  Well, when you return to cart to a place where another cart is, you can use the opposite cart’s “key” to push the quarter of your cart out.  Are you with me?  I told him that on one of my last trips I actually made $.50 off it because I found two carts.  Lucky I know.  So when he parked he found a cart right away to turn in and viola!  His payment popped right out!  So I am up to $.75.  I love it when I get paid to shop…even though I spend a touch more than that!

THEN yesterday I went again because I was short on a few pieces I need for a Graduation Banner.  I knew it would be a zoo because it was Memorial Day and there was a special flyer with coupons out.  I scoped out the parking lot for a cart, but no luck.  I grabbed my ten pieces of paper and some ribbon I decided I needed and headed to stand in line for about 20 minutes.  I know crazy but today was the last day of the previous paper sale that I mentioned!  Right next to me I noticed an empty cart…I looked around and BAM!  It was mine…and you know what that means!!!! $.25 more cents!  I looked VERY silly standing in line with a cart that had only 10 pieces of paper and four spools of ribbon, but oh so worth the quarter!!!  Can’t wait to go back!  If you are keeping track…that’s a $1.00 now Jo-Ann’s has paid me and I don’t even work there!

2. On Friday I also needed to pick up a couple of prescriptions at Target.  I was excited because they were new prescriptions which meant I could use my fantastic coupon that I got in the mail.  It stated that any new or transferred prescription would earn me a $10.00 gift card!  YES PLEASE!  Now prescriptions can be spendy, so I was hoping to not spend too much.  Well when I got to the counter my total was…$7.46!!!!!  If you do that math on that…yes, I made $2.54 people!  They paid me to use these medications!  I LOVE IT!

3. Saturday brought us to The Hangover Part 2…wow was it funny.  Not as funny as Part 1 but it was grand!!!  We attended with our good friends Heidi and Justin!  After, we partook in good food and delicious beer at the Thirsty Lion Pub and Eatery. Widmer has a seasonal Blonde out that gets two fist pumps!

4. Saturday mornings around this time of year means nothing but…..GARAGE SALES!!! WOOT WOOT!  We hit up a few pretty lame ones and then I remembered one that I passed up on my run the other day due to a downpour I was caught in and the fact I carry no cash on me for security purposes if you know what I mean.  Those ducks at the pond can get nasty sometimes so I won’t take any chances carrying dough!  So I directed The Boy to the next sale and we had some great finds!  DeMarle bakeware is something I enjoy when I actually bake, but unless I head to Jo-Ann’s a little more often, I can’t afford it.  It’s fantastic stuff though.  Well, there were 4 pieces for…..$30.00!!!!!!!!  That is like highway robbery right there my friends!  I don’t have exact numbers but here is what I do know.  I got two trays that cost $53.95 about each ($107.90 total) and another mold that costs $33.95. ($141.85 grand total) plus a perforated baking sheet (I know these come as kits, but you don’t know if this person bought it as a kit so I will go with the fact she bought it separate!) which is $30.95…for a grand total of $172.80. (Go ahead and correct my math…I teach first grade and we don’t go above 2 digits…just sayin.)  I saved a total of $142.80.  BEST GARAGE SALE FIND OF THE YEAR RIGHT THERE!  Oh wait…but there’s more!  I got a baby outfit with the tags still on for $1.50!!!!!!!!!!!  I felt rich.  These kinds of finds is what keep up “salers” going!

5. Friday was a running day…because I hadn’t run since Sunday…yEEEkkkkssss!!!  I was nervous due to a knee soreness previously in the week.  But I did my Jillian Michaels stretches thanks to Heidi, and I was off!  I decided that I would try a 5k although I was about 10 minutes away from it in my training schedule…I had two laps around the pond to go and DOWNPOUR HIT.  I am a fair weather runner.  I HATE BEING IN THE RAIN!  But I couldn’t say to someone that “I almost ran a 5k today”.  LAME! I mean it’s already lame enough that I get excited about a 5k.  It’s 3.1 miles.  I know people that use that as a WARM UP!  So I finished.  I couldn’t believe it plus no knee pain!!!  HOLLA!!!

6.  Sunday night we had a D- to the licious BBQ at the Martin’s!  They wouldn’t tell us the type of meat but it was sooo good!  Homemade Trisha Yearwood Mac and Cheese, Caesar Salad, and yummy cheese bread!!!  Thanks Martin’s!

7. The Boy also built me a little planter box this weekend. I think he got the building itch.  He’s been missing it since he finished the deck last year!  Pic will have to wait until next week because he said it’s not picture worthy yet…well he didn’t actually say that…but I can tell by the fact that he says “It’s not done” he’s got more work to do.  I am smart like that.

8. It’s no coincidence that I am on number 8 and we have 8 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!

9. Nine is how many times I have stressed today about moving my stuff out of my classroom…

10. The garage is clean and the Goodwill has a few more items of merchandise as of Sunday night.  Although, the whole purpose was to make room for my school stuff…and when we were done, I thought maybe I should get a storage unit.  Oh dear…maybe I have stressed 10 times today…


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