Ten on Tuesday…

7 Jun

1. WE DID IT!!!!  Sassy and I finished the Starlight 5k.  This is a LARGE accomplishment for both of us.  We made the goal and we did it!  It was hotter than shiz, but we survived.  There were thousands of people running and even more thousands watching.  Very surreal experience and it went by very very quickly.  We were nervous and talked at length of bailing, but WE DID IT!

Here we are hotter than HOT!!!

2.  Before the run The Boy and I went to my nephew’s first birthday party!  We picked up grandma and we headed out.  It was a pirate b-day theme and the kids were dressed DARLING!  They wouldn’t stand/sit still long enough for those pics so I nabbed a couple from my cousins FB.

Here’s Chase eating his cake that he liked but didn’t want to put on a show!

Skylar is the older sister that will turn 2 in July.  Check out their leg warmers!!!  Skylar had red Converse All-Stars that were TO.DIE.FOR!!!

3.  J to the eanna and I went to get pedis today before she gives birth hopefully this week!   The little nail ladies were all over her tummy!  Shhh…don’t tell her but I really want Max to wait to come out till Friday!!!!  But not any longer for Mama’s sake!

4. Speaking of J…Friday she was one week away from her due date and she made us dinner!!!  That’s a BESTIE right there!  She made steamed clams….and they were DELISH!  I haven’t had a dinner of hers that I didn’t like.  She is a WONDERFUL cook!  Thanks Little Mama J!

5. Speaking of pink slips…oh wait we weren’t talking about pink slips…but let’s just say our house is now the not so proud owner of two…BOO!

6. Friday was Tyler, my godson’s birthday but I didn’t get to celebrate with him =(  Luckily they are headed down here to celebrate this weekend!  First birthdays all around!

7. My classroom has turned into utter chaos in the last 12 hours.  I had an AMAZING parent volunteer come in for like 4 hours and pack some things for me!  Okay I am pretty sure she packed WAY better than me.  I tend to get lazy and just start throwing things in!  I may pull an all nighter or something just to get it done…that’s all I want TO GET IT DONE!  My biggest fear/dream come true would be I get it all packed up by Saturday and I get a call Sunday saying I am recalled…one can hope!  Maybe I can jinx myself and if I get everything packed quickly it will really happen…hmmm…I may be on to something. Good things school is out Thursday…I am afraid my kids will have to start using the boxes for chairs or something.

8.   I am currently working on 2 graduation parties…I am starting my own “Under the crafting table” business…I am crafting up some decor for these parties and it’s TOOO cute!!!!  I love trying new things and my latest banner is a little different than my others.  Hopefully I will remember to take pics.  I am HORRIBLE at that.

9. I have to give you a recommendation for dinner!  Tonight we had Jack Daniels’s Pulled Chicken.  It’s only 4 WW points for one serving of the chicken plus you want to add a bun for another 3-4 pts.  It’s delish and fills you up!  You can get it at your nearest Costco. (there was no money given for this endorsement, but I would gladly accept!)

10.  So this week I will be perfecting the 5k.  Once that is perfected…it’s on to a 10k!!!!!!!  I can’t wait…that’s probably not true.


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