Ten on Tuesday…

14 Jun

1. Pinterest…learn about it…it’s a good thing.

2. The tutoring season has begun!  I currently have 3 little learners that I am excited about.

3. We are currently housesitting.  I know now, that I AM allergic to dogs and I AM NOT going to ever get a black dog.  Other than that things are great.

4.  I started my first day of summer off with a sweet dental cleaning…I hate going to the dentist.  Always have, always will. And just in case you are wondering…I was cavity free.  Just sayin…

5. As I write this I am currently waiting for my insurance guy to call for some dumb reason of which I don’t know.  All I know is that the secretary wanted me to come down to Silverton or Woodburn.  Now, I had this GREAT insurance guy that let me meet with him on Christmas Eve the year I bought my house so that all my insurance was secure before closing…not that I waited till the last minute…it was just the whole house buying thing happened in about 2 weeks.  So here I am minding my own business happy with my insurance guy when he decides to leave the company.  So you automatically get passed on to someone.  I have had no contact with this guy what so ever.  So I get this call from the secretary or I guess the more PC term now is “Administrative Assistant” saying he wants to meet with me regarding a renewal update.  So I agree (only after she called like 5 times with no call back from me…oops) and while I am talking to her she asks what office I will be coming to.  I am clearly not in the “know” cause I am not sure of where this guy’s office is let alone officeS…so I ask her my options.  “Well you can go to Woodburn or Silverton”…that’s when I knew things were not going to be pretty.  Those are not places I like to go to.  So I say I will just take a phone call even though that was not an option.  I made it an option.  Have you seen gas prices these days?  It would take me at least 45 minutes to get there and who has time for that?!?!?  Maybe teachers that have the summer off or something I don’t know.  So here I continue to wait for him to call.  And his “Admin Assistant” has called me 3 times in the past 3 days to let me know he will be calling at 10.  It’s 10:18 and no call.  RIDICULOUS!

6. Thursday was our last and final day with children.  It was a glorious scene as always when the last car and bus pull out of the driveway and we skip off to the “End of the Year Party” at T’s house. There may or may not have been some tears.  Good times were had by all.

7. So I always had a twinge of guilt not watching Friday Night Lights.  So when The Boy mentioned he was going to cancel the movie channels and just go with the Netflix that streams through your “gaming” system (yes, I said gaming) I was ecstatic to know that I would now get to watch it!!!  I only had like 5 or so seasons to catch up on!  So we are staying at some friend’s house and they have it.  I am only through episode 7 on Season 1 but it’s SOOO good!  Lucky for me the weather hasn’t been all that good so it gives me an excuse.  Not that I need one.  I have no one to report to.

8. Saturday we got tickets to the Timbers game care of my AWESOME aunt and uncle.  It was bad reason why they couldn’t use them, but we were very thankful we got them!  It was awesome and not something I would EVER have imagined.  That Timber’s Army is crazy!!!! I loved chanting the songs and chants with them…and of course my favorite Blazer from down under was there…

9.  Sunday was my friend Tricia’s son’s graduation party.  I volunteered to help with the decor!  I LOVED the way these flaggies turned out!  You can also see the sign I made that said, “The Grad’s Favorite Desserts”.

10. And last but not least…I have started my summer procrastination.  I MUST put a dance routine together to “Ice Ice Baby” for camp…it needs to be done by Saturday so I can get the committee approval (that’s sounds super official)  The committee meeting consists of 7 of us REALLY fun ones from camp.  They are coming to our house for French Toast Casserole and to watch the Vanilla Ice dance.  That’s not the only reason, but yeah.  Oh and I should finish the Blue Crush story too!  Are you lost yet?


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