It’s Time To Get Crafty! Part 1: No Sew Faux Roman Shade

23 Jun

So throughout the school year I play hostage to my classroom and don’t do a THING during the year as far as “projects” unless they are for school.  I act like I go to school 7 days a week or something!  Who am I kidding?!?!  I am no first year people!  So when I see things I want to try, I stash them away in my “projects” file and when the summer comes around…viola!  I have all sorts of fun things!  I headed to JoAnn’s this morning after my visit with Max, Roman and Jeanna.  Only to soon find out I brought my old coupon book instead of my new one!  DANG!  So I headed back right before dinner with mom.   Every time I go in…they ask what I am making.  Most of the time it is something more “modern” if you will from a blog most likely…and the middle aged to just plain old women who work there look and me like “Good Luck!”  I should start handing them cards with my blog on it.  Nothing was different today.  Two asked me and I got a double “Good Luck!”  Oh but wait…that’s not all...I earned another $.25!!!!  I am up to a dollar I have earned at that place if anyone is counting.

Tonight’s craft was a No Sew Roman Shade…SUPER EASY!

I snagged it off Traci at Beneath My Heart who had a guest post one day by Richella from Imparting Grace who probably snagged it off someone else, but the list could really go on and on!

I started taking pics of the step by step but then got frustrated and figured I would just use Richella’s…so click on Beneath My Heart’s Link above and it will give you all the necessary directions.

Here’s my finish product. 

I really really like it!  I like it more because I DID IT!  The walls that are on the left and right off this wall are a lime green like the pattern.  Stay tuned for more “It’s Time To Get Crafty!”


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