Ten on Tuesday…very late Tuesday!

5 Jul

1. Happy 4th of July people!  Oh well…5th of July!  We had a great party at the M’s house last night.  They live approximately 4 miles away and it took us 1 hour to get home!!!!  Since we haven’t lived in this area long, we didn’t realize everyone and THEIR MOM goes to HV Park for fireworks and then everyone leaves at the same time.  So we leave the M’s and pull onto the street minding our own business…next thing you know we are stuck in gridlock traffic…we overheard some cops talking about someone hitting a dear.  (yes, we live in an area where we have dear running around) We have yet to figure out how you hit a dear going 2 miles an hour but that’s neither here nor there.  So needless to say…if we were good party guests and get invited back…we know a better way to get out and HOME!

2. Operation Potty Training has been a SUCCESS!  Well a 1/2 success.  J and I have read much material relating to PT…we have READ that #2 is harder to train (as a child I remember my bff’s brother getting BIG rewards for #2)…we have LEARNED that #2 is harder to train which means we have had some “clean up on aisle 3’s” but hey…that’s part of the ball game and if we have #1 down we are halfway there!   Yes, it’s going up on my Etsy shop!  But I have to give the credit to mom who has done WAY more PT than me!

3. I made some DARLING 4th of July cupcakes that I didn’t take a picture of!!! GRRR…that is my biggest fault right now..it’s not like I don’t have a phone attached to me at all times that I couldn’t bust it out!  Anyway they are very similar to the ones on Remarkable Home.  I used Buttercream frosting though which is one of my favorite things!  I also put a small pinwheel or a cut out that said “4th of July” made by my SILHO!  Have I told you about my SILHO?  If you can’t remember…you can check it out here….here….or here….or even here….AND FINALLY here.  I know you won’t go clicking all those links…but I have some free time on my hands.  It’s summer break yo!

4. Today was the day I got back to Jazz to the Cise!  I haven’t been since I started running.  I was kind of embarrassed in front of myself the day I got this postcard from Jazz that says “thanks for helping with the kids, we’d like to see you in class”…WHAT?!?! Hello embarrassing!  I wanted to write them back and be like “well, I am doing Couch to 5k so I am good thanks!”  But I didn’t and decided to just go back on days I don’t run instead.  So I headed back today for the first time in a LONG time and it felt good…hot, but good.  The teacher brings her daughter during the summer apparently and the daughter brings wet/cold towels to give to us at the end of class.  It even smelled really good!  I just turned my mind away from the fact that a million other Jazzers had wiped their face…I know they were washed but still.  When I think about that, then I think about how many people use the silverware at restaurants then I can’t get my mind to leave it alone.

5. Monday was the 4th and MOTHER’S birthday so we took her to see this…

it was darling, lighthearted, no violence, made you happy and who doesn’t LOVE these two?!?!?  I will definitely purchase this…who buys DVD’s anymore though?  Next on the list is BAD TEACHER with The Boy sometime this week.  Should be a good one.

6. I purchased a Groupon last Friday.  It was golf and a cart for 2 at Salishan Resort and Spa.  It was $119.00.  Here’s where the problem comes in.  I don’t golf.  I don’t have $119.oo to spend on something I don’t do,  and I didn’t hit the “buy now” button…it was a 2 year old that LOVES smart phones!  And the best part is he knows how to use them, finger swipe and all!  In the midst of the PT you do anything you can to get a kid on the toilet…a phone is a good one.  Until they make a LARGE purchase.  I guess it could have been a lot worse.  Lucky for me the people at Groupon are the nicest ever and gladly refunded my moo-la!  I uninstalled that App from my phone fast!

7. Friday night we had a small dinner party for mother’s birthday and sunday the Semilliams came over for supper.  You may as well have people close together that way it saves on house cleaning =) But it’s a good excuse to vacuum!

8.  Saturday night I had my first babysitting experience with Mr. Weston.  He was great for about an hour…then he screamed for about 4…it was sad.  He was a CUDDLE bug though and who doesn’t love a 1 year old that cuddles for four hours straight?  Hopefully next time he will “know” me better!

9.  On Friday a few of us were featured on Fist Pump Friday...AGAIN!  Hello #3!  We happened to be downtown doing a photoshoot with the girls and Heidi…so we headed over to  VooDoo to accomplish Em’s challenge! “The Magic is in the Hole”.  Doesn’t Heidi take great pics?  Em even gave her a shout out in an email she sent to me saying “thanks for using a great camera!”

10. Currently working on another projecto (spanish for project) for my friend T.  She’s having a family reunion coming up soon and who doesn’t love some cut outs on the table for decorations?!?!?!  This is a practice one I did.  It will be blue when it’s finished!  I have really learned a lot about my SILHO just by doing this project!  I love learning new things to do!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…very late Tuesday!”

  1. 4boysandalady July 12, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    The 4th of July thing made me laugh! We go to the park and had no idea how long it would take us to get the 1.5 mile home. Now we walk!

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