Ten on whatever day it is…

14 Jul

Tonight (Wednesday) I came home from my last Dougy Center group of the year (we have summer break) and started to take the garbage out.  The Boy says, “Oh yeah it’s Wednesday isn’t it?”  Being that neither one of us are working…we have NO IDEA what day it is.  My Ten on Tuesday didn’t come this week because we were on vacay!

1. Here is a photo of our view from our campsite.

We were invited by the Semilliams to join them and their family on a two night camping trip.  We got there Sunday and it was about 80 degrees.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  We woke up Tuesday to rain…our tent is currently hanging in the garage drying.  We spent lots of time on the this…

Please note:  This is NOT us…just wanted to clarify incase there was any mistake.

2.  While camping, we brought back our “friend“…we had everyone singing the song…including Heidi’s dad!

3. My friend Chrissy gave birth to a sweet baby girl on Tuesday.  All I know so far is that her name is Mallory!  Waiting to hear more details and am currently working on a sweet baby girl gift!  I can’t wait to show you on here!

4. I found out also another friend is preggers!  I am so excited for her.  I can’t reveal her name as she wants to tell some people herself but I can’t wait!  Perhaps a baby shower is in order soon!

5. I am always disappointed when a new fad comes out and I haven’t thought of it.  Something simple like a feather in the hair…people are making BUCKS off this.  The Boy is less than pleased due to the fact these are the same feathers used in fly tying…and there currently is a shortage.   He was also less than pleased when his 14 year old cousin came for a visit from Great Falls, MT she was dying to get one so we made a stop at good ol’ Saturday Market where you can find anything to be a hipster.  There was a VERY long line.  There were two girls assembling the feather/hair situation.  Each installation+feather was $15.00.  The hairy pits were free.  We figured each girl probably did about 100 installations.  You do the math…that’s some “nice” dough coming in…

6.  As I write this, I am watching yet another episode of Friday Night Lights…Smash Williams just got into Texas A & M.  Now, I know why Big Mama loved this show so much!

7.  I don’t like character tattoos.  You know…like a little Winnie the Pooh or something on the calf.  That’s not my style.  I think it’s weird.  If you like it, then whatever…to each his/her own, but you couldn’t pay me enough to get that permanently inked on my skin.  I think it’s weird that people do that.  At Saturday Market I saw something that was the worst.  It was a Mickey and Minnie with the lady’s name and her husband’s name (I assume her husband, or baby daddy?) above Mickey and Minnie.  With their Anniversary date.  Gross…that’s just wrong.  It was on her arm too.  It was LARGE.  It was gross incase I hadn’t said that yet.

8. Earlier I mentioned that The Boy’s cousin was in town…well considering she’s 14 she didn’t come alone.  Her momma came with for a visit.  We wanted to give them the true Portland experience.  We started the day with VooDoo doughnuts because if you come to Portland and don’t have those…you didn’t experience it.  I had a Captain Crunch doughnut and I can’t stop thinking about it.  It was delish. And I don’t necessarily mean the part with the cereal but the dang doughnut was amazing!  My mouth is watering as I write this.  After Saturday Market we went to Grilled Cheese Grill…because I love that place and think the owner is a genius.  I can’t stop thinking about that either.  I had the usual, The Jalapeno Popper.  Cheese + jalapeno’s + corn chips= D to the LICIOUS!

9. I LOVE me some Starbucks like nothing else.  I do pretty well when it comes to the Starbucks gift cards for end of the year gifts.  My kids are pretty in tune and recognize the cups on my desk.  So today was a sad day because I used the last of my giftcards from school kids…or so I thought.  I had stopped at the Starbucks and was headed to my tutoring appt. when I took a turn and my purse was sitting just right where it tipped and EVERYTHING fell out…but guess what I found?!?!?!  3 more cards!!! Not one or two but THREE!!!!  I am happy now. =)

10.  Tonight is the opening of the Harry Potter movie.  I don’t get it and I never will get it.  People are insane.


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