Where is DHS when you need them?

19 Jul

Tuesdays are my day for “the shots”…I get allergy shots every other Tuesday.  I have graduated to every other rather than every.  I feel kind of special like that.  Today I went earlier than normal.  I can do that because I don’t work in the summer incase I haven’t mentioned that on here before.  So I have The Boy take me to the allergist and he insists on staying in the car.  I hate it when he does that.  He just wanted to listen to his ridiculous sports talk radio…whoever invented that needs to be shot.  Anyway…on to the good stuff.

It was my turn so I am in the “shot clinic” (a small room with the door open into the lobby and you get your shot and scoot, and by scoot I mean sit in the lobby for 30 mins. to make sure you don’t have a crazy reaction).  So there I was sitting in the chair being poked to death (today’s nurse isn’t so good) and wanting to shed a small tear when the lobby door flies open and startles everyone in the lobby.  The nurse gives me a look of death and goes, “oh shit you are going to want to run out of here”…now, I know “shit” isn’t so appropriate for nurses, but she’s my age-ish and I have gotten to know her well…and quite frankly after I tell you what was about to happen you will understand why she chose that word.

Immediately, two kids come storming into the lobby (very small lobby mind you) run into the shot clinic where I still am and starting yelling “it’s my turn”  ” I want candy!”  Lovely…KIDS…I know what you are thinking “MegPie is a teacher and she loves kids!”  Yes, yes I do…except when they are like this…

These children were hooligans!  And then there was their mother.  There ended up being three kids.  Ranging in ages from 3-8. I have to add that they smelled.  I know kids get dirty, but there is no reason for them to stink.

Once this all started happening, I text The Boy and he knew exactly who I was talking about because they had parked right next to us and she screamed at the kids when they were getting out of the car.  Oh and I can’t forget that she had two more kids in the car making that a total of five boys…

Here is a list of things they did in the short 20 minutes they were there.

1.  dumped books in the garbage can and laughed about it

2. crawled under all the chairs in the lobby, bumping their heads under the ones people were sitting in

3. poked at my shot injections because they had ice packs on them, and I asked them to stop a few times

5. basically climbed on my lap to see the screen on my phone as well as the patients next to me

6. tripped on my purse strap and fell down which made me laugh because it was all tucked nicely under the chair until the aforementioned behavior in #2

7. the mom told the oldest “most behaved” to sit his “ass” down approximately 5 times and clearly it was effective (Love and Logic mama!)

8. the youngest cried when the other lady in the waiting room got the kids rocking chair for her daughter…he clearly wasn’t sitting in it so I am not sure of the problem

9. there are two entrances into the back offices out of the lobby and at one point one kid was missing (I assume he went back there) and the other two took off through the other two doors into the back offices to run around while they had patients back there

10. the mother kept saying “I will give you a problem!”  “you kids are acting like barbarians”  ( you don’t want to know what my thought was)

I had a few comments I wanted to make to her…but mostly just wanted to give her the website of Super Nanny or Love and Logic.   I realized that these poor kids are treated this way day in and day out which is why they act the way they do.  The lady in the office with her kids were at the other end and she had four kids that sat nicely and read books not making a sound.  They were staring at these children like they were aliens.  I can only imagine what their days and nights must be like.



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