Ten on Tuesday…

26 Jul

1. I did it!  My etsy shop is now…OPEN!  I like to think of it as my “soft opening”…I still need to add a few things, but I am open for business!  Check it OUT!  If you want to order something and you know me well enough to email, call or text…I would be happy to do orders that way for you! Thank you Heidi for all your talent and help!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!  Also, check out my new button over to the right!!!

2. Stay tuned for shop #2!!!!!! It’s a surprise opening soon with my BFF SASSY!!!

3. School supply shopping has OFFICIALLY started!!!  Let the Target workers stare!!!! 35 packs of colored pencils, 35 packs of markers, 35 pencil boxes…

4. Monday morning at 6 am we woke up to the craziest thunder ever!  I seriously thought we were being bombed…or the rapture was just late!

5. I finished the Jaycee Dugard book, a stolen life.  It was amazing, sad, and made me want to throw up.  It is amazing that she was able to share all of this.  I can’t even begin to imagine having to go through this.  Hopefully she can be a source of strength for anyone else that has to go through any of these things.

6.  If you didn’t check out my “Where is DHS when you need them?” post…DO IT.  It’s scary.  Very scary.

7. Tried a new sandy (MegPie speak: sandwich) at the Grilled Cheese Grill last week.  It was called “The Shocker” and it was delish!  It had bacon, jalapenos, havarti, and roasted red peppers.  Try it.

8. Currently working on a version of this project…I will post when finished…


9.  My friend sent me this…Don’t we all??

10. As you read this I will be headed to help my friend paint her classroom…it’s currently bubblegum pink…


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. April July 30, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    Lovin’ that frame project … very cute!! Starting to plan for Sean’s 5th birthday … he loves Katy Perry and pirates. This should be fun {insert tone of sarcasm}. Any ideas??

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