Ten on Tuesday…

2 Aug

1. Rollin on the River.  Saturday I did it.  Something I have been scared of for awhile.  But I did it.  And it wasn’t that bad!  The Williams and I, plus Heidi’s little sister and some of her peeps went floating on the Clackamas River.  The end is very close to my house.  It got a little hairy at times, when we had to get out because the river was too shallow.  I hurt my foot after my flip flop slipped off and I stepped on a rock that made my foot feel broken…not kidding.  But I am better and it wouldn’t be an adventure without me hurting myself!

2. My Etsy shop is filling up and I had my first customer!!! Wahoo! I put a few more items in so take a look!  You can check out ” It’s Your Party” Here!  I will tell you that if you know me well enough to email or call to order!  If you don’t see something that fits what you need, we can chat and I can probably come up with what you would like!

3. Sassy and I’s second Etsy shop is on hold for awhile if not forever…things did not go as planned once we busted out the sewing machine…I guess practice makes progress!

4. The great Crayon Heist of 2011 took place last week and I currently have 1,000 boxes of crayons.  I wish I was exaggerating…okay I am.  But I have a lot but not even sure I have enough because I set out to buy enough for me, my mystery teammate, and my Kindy Buddy across the hall!!!!!!!  I say that with excitement because I am SOOO excited she is moving across the hall!  I taught next to her for a year then she left me for the other POD and I had to walk like 50 feet to see her!  Now I can yell across the hallway!!! WAHOO!!!  Back to the crayons.  Fred Meyer puts a limit of 4 boxes for each person…really?  So I went through with The Boy multiple times, then sent a few friends too, and a few friends’ moms, then my mom, then some of my mom’s customers…if I want them, I will find a way to get them FRED MEYER!!!!

5. The Boy and I are on Season 4 of Friday Night Lights (best show ever) and almost finished with it.  The horrible news is that Netflix doesn’t stream past Season 4 right now…we may have to huddle around the computer screen shortly.

6. Another baby is about to be born (hopefully this week!) to my awesome teammate at school!  Baby J is due the 14th but after some quick math…her mama is expecting her any day now.  Besides that…doctors were thinking she was rather large on her last ultrasound.  I am going to dinner with her Tuesday and we are eating SPICY!

7. Monday afternoon The Boy and I went and saw Crazy. Stupid. Love.  It was good.  I thought it was a touch slow at parts, but it was a good movie!  I recommend!

8. As I write this, we are on the last Friday Night Lights of Season 4 and Tim Riggins is going to jail…way to take one for the fam Tim…

9.  I am currently reading “The Help”…so good which I knew going into it.  I can’t wait to see the movie too!

10. And last but not least…I love Joey Harrington and I hope he feels better soon!


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