Ten on Tuesday…

9 Aug

1. Goodwill outlet: a week or so ago I hung out with Sassy for the day while I got my brakes done at her dad’s shop.  We decided on a lovely trip to GOODWILL OUTLET!!!  Now people if you have never been to one and you have a weak stomach…I suggest not going…just kidding! But you do have to “dig”…I am being totally serious about that.  People even wear gloves.  It wasn’t as bad as I suspected, BUT there is AMAZING people watching there.  This is where you pay by the pound…yes the LBS.!!!!!!  Oh wait…but not all is by the lbs. and we didn’t know that until we see the ONLY sign right where you check out.  We were highly disappointed as most of Sassy’s treasures and some of mine too, were books and they ended up costing as much there as the regular Goodwill.  I got tons of frames for my frame project though that hopefully will be done SOON!!! So the pic below is the view…it took us awhile to figure out the “system”.  About every 10-15 minutes the workers would bring a new cart out and people knew where they were going to put it because it would replace one they just took out…so all these people would DASH over to the spot and stand around so they could be the first ones to see what it was…interesting.

2. Found a new website that I LOOOOOVEEEEEEE!!! It’s called Dear Photograph and if you click on those words it will take you there.  Some of the pictures will bring tears to your eyes then you read the letters and you will bawl.

3. Baby Jane was born on Friday!  Jane is a big babe weighing in at 9 lbs. 4 ounces…I can’t wait to love on her! And if you missed this on my FB…here she is!  With Mama’s permission of course! Darling!!!!

4. I am almost ready to start school…my craftroom and car are filling up with school supplies that need to be dropped off but I can’t bring myself to go in there for more than 5 minutes!  Besides the alarm scares me!

5. I made another sweet treat from Pioneer Woman’s Bloggy…Individual Raspberry Coblers…A to the MAZING!  Come to find out, after a quick chat sess with my friend Suzy, I used DOUBLE the butter!!!! DOUBLE!!! Um…if you don’t know…PW uses SOOO MUCH BUTTER ANYWAY and I DOUBLED IT!!!!  No wonder they were so dang good!  Jeanna, I hope you aren’t reading this =)

6. So C just called me into the garage after coming in from fishing…since we have been together he has brought home ZERO fish until last weekend he went deep sea fishing and brought some home and tonight he had one in a LARGE Ziploc for me in the garage!  All for me!

7.  Here’s a sweet pic of my friend Chrissy’s baby, Mallory.  She is sportin her onesie that yours truly made for her!

8. TEACHER ALERT!!!  I got some smokin deals (I hope!) on Crayola Watercolors and Primary Composition Books off of a website called Shoplet.com…unless I have been totally scammed which I am totally NOT sure I haven’t been…I got my Watercolors for $3.02 a piece (at least $4.00 at the store) and no shipping, and my Comp books for $2.33 ($3 something at the store) and no shipping, PLUS I didn’t have to have a bunch of stares or conversations with nosy people about why I buy so many!

9. Favorite Summer Beer…right after the Ruby from McMenamin’s.

10.  If you head on over to MY ETSY SHOP and order something..put in Coupon Code PADDLE3 to save 10%!!!


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