Ten on Tuesday at 10:00 BAM!

16 Aug

1. This weekend found us in Bellingham, WA…home of some good friends’ wedding.  It was gorgeous and was something I could “Pin” like mad on Pinterest!  My favorite part was the mason jars in all different sizes and varieties for our drinks!  They were adorable!

2. Today was the day my first ever Etsy Order from a Stranger was sent out!  Wahoo!  Now, to pray that it gets to Missississippi as lovely as it left! I actually finished her banners in the car because I ran out of ribbon to put the finishing touch on it.  It just so happens that Jo-Ann’s is literally 20 ft. from the post office.  There was no point in going home!

3. Speaking of businessy items…”It’s My Party’s” Facebook Page was launched last night!  Click HERE or HERE or HERE to “Like” it and see pics!

4. Speaking of businessy items again…my talented friend Sassy made this great business card for me!  Thanks Sassy!

5. Enough businessy stuff…Have you read The Help?  If you haven’t…YOU SHOULD and then run and see the movie with some girls!  Sassy and I  saw it and we LOVED it!  So good!  They did a super job…which was unexpected as books are always better than the movies!

6.  Remember how I kind of have a thing for babies?  Remember how ALL my friends and cousins are having babies? Well, one of my cousin’s is having her third on Monday unless he decides to come earlier.  And on Friday I ran into my friend’s (from Kindergarten!) mom and she told me my friend is expecting!  It’s insane I tell ya!  Just insane!  Oh and I also read on a blog that she was pregnant.  She’s not my friend although she may as well be because I know a lot about her and I pretty much feel like we are friends…she just doesn’t know it.

7.  If you are wondering about my frame project…it’s been on hold…BUT is currently drying on the front lawn!  I have some (read: a lot) black paint on my hand…ewwwppppssss!

8. If you remember back when…I LOVED the lady on the Target commercials in the red suit getting ready for Christmas sales…well Target has done it again!  I LOOOOVVVEEEE this commercial sooo much!  Check it out here

9.  I have been spending free time (what’s that?) in my classroom preparing for my newest little nuggets to arrive on that sacred first day!  I am sitting at 27 right now…promised 29…I am thinking 35.  YIKES!  I am 11 desks short as of now but that’s an easy fix!  Hey!  The more the merrier right?!!?  (Remind me of this the week before Christmas Break!)

10. I am on to peel crayons…I am making a DARLING  (hopefully it turns out darling) first day of school gift for my kiddies with old crayons!  Will post when they are done…maybe next week?!?!?



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