Ten on Tuesday…

23 Aug

1. I have been a cutting machine!  I finished up my “first official stranger” order and got that sent off.  Got a late night “rush” order last week for a friend that turned out DARLING!  And currently working on a HUGE order for my cousin’s classroom.  Yes, we are all teachers.  It runs in the family!  In the meantime, I have been cutting for my own room too!

2. Thursday night we met our campers that will be joining us this weekend at Camp Erin!  It’s going to be a blast as usual!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it…NEXT WEEK!

3. Monday afternoon at 3:23pm my newest nephew, Crew Christopher Cyr was born!  He weighs 7lbs. 12 ounces and is 19.5 inches long!  He is the 7th great grandchild to my grandmother in 2.5 years…you do the math!

4. And since we are on the topic of babies…my cousin Kristin is expecting in February!  Well, that makes 8 great grandbabies!  I have had to keep this a secret for what seems like FOREVER!!!  It was a need to know basis and I needed to know why she wasn’t partaking in any adult beverages while on our mountain weekend getaway!

5. I have an exciting advertising situation for “It’s Your Party” going on next month so I will be sure to let you know as soon as it happens!

6. Labor Day weekend is the opener for the Griz (did you know we have season tickets?) BUT we won’t be there as they are at Tennessee! Although I can’t say that wouldn’t have been a blast!  Especially with a stop in Athens, GA!  But I do have to share something that was posted on Twitter today by eGriz.com…check it out here!  But even more exciting on opening weekend is the Ducks are at Cowboys Stadium vs. LSU!!!  HELLO?!?!?  Great game?  YES PLEASE! And what’s most exciting about them playing in Arlington is that’s where those Dillon Panthers played their State Championship game….just sayin…OKAY I am addicted!

7. So Saturday we hung out with the Semilliams (something new!we heart them!) and I introduced myself and them to a LOVELY drink…it’s called a Raspberry Beer Cocktail.  It’s A to the MAZING!  Definitely a keeper.  We use Widmer Citra Blonde Summer Brew.

8.  I am officially done with one of my four tutoring clients.  I LOVE tutoring but by now all I want to do is be in my classroom preparing!!!  You can never be TOO prepared for the first day of school…TRUST ME!

9. So…last week I had a mini helper come to my classroom to do some “fun” jobs.  I wanted to “repay” her somehow and had planned on taking her to our favorite frozen yogurt shop, Divine.  She mentioned that she really liked the Shaved Ice place by my house.  I hadn’t been there but had been wanting to stop.  OH MY STINKIN HECK!  Thank the good Lord I hadn’t stopped before then because I am an addict!!! I LOVE IT sooooo MUCH!  It’s nothing like a Snow Cone if you are a novice Shaved Icers and are thinking that.  It’s literally like SNOW!  Fluffy and delicious flavors!  The best part is that the couple that owns the trailor is from the South and they are the sweetest people EVER!  I have been there 3 times since Wednesday.  And they weren’t open today!  SOOOO GOOD!

10. Stay tuned for more about this…


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. April August 24, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    What is the name of the shaved ice place? It sounds like a place we would love, too!!

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