Ten on Tuesday…

30 Aug

1. I have to start by posting this DARLING table that some of my FAVORITE mommies at our school made for us teachers.  How cute is this?!?!?!  I haven’t seen it in person yet, but I spotted cookies from Portland Pies and I decided to go in early tomorrow to make sure I get one!  A little motivation never hurt anyone!

2. We started off our school year right with a get together on Monday night at one of my favorite colleague’s houses.  She is always a great hostess and has a fabulous new backyard!  It was nice to catch up before the MADNESS begins!  7 days and counting (as I typed that my heart skipped four beats and I had a panic attack)

3.  I sent out another order this morning and I have to brag that it was less than a 24 hour turn around!  BAM!  What can “It’s Your Party” do for you??!?!?!

4.  Sunday afternoon we returned from Camp Erin and we were exhausted.  When I say “we” I mean “we”.  The Boy and I go together as Big Buddies.  Big Buddies are defined as counselors to the kids that come to this camp.  We are with them 24/7 with 2-half hour breaks on Saturday and that’s it.  We grieve with them, we grieve for them, and we have a freakin blast!  Yes, it’s a lot of “processing” but it’s a whole stinkin lot of fun.   From a “nasty” toothbrush skit to a water fight in the field, we covered all aspects of fun.  7 years and counting I have attended this camp.  I hope to make it 50 more!

5.  Today is the day we report back to duty.  No kids, but PLENTY of work to do.  This year I am feeling REALLY behind, but I am sure I will feel more under control when my list of lists of things I still need to do is complete this afternoon. =)

6.  Tuesday night my mom and I went to visit the newest member of our family, Crew!  He is darling and makes these funny cat noises!  Here he is…and then there was 7 great grand children under 2.5 years old!

7.  My business cards are officially lost.  The last time I knew where they were, they were sitting at a post office near the airport, but there was no number to call to actually talk to a human being.  So who knows where they are.

8.  I am currently read this and it’s really really good…

9. Monday afternoon I picked up Discs 1 & 2 of Season 5 of……wait for it….FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!!  Not sure when we will watch it but at some point we will!

10. I have officially given up on the Crayon Project…for this week anyway.  It was WAY more work than it was worth…I hate those kind of projects!


P.S. Officially one of the LAMEST posts ever!!!!


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