Don’t Give Up On Me…

13 Sep

I know I didn’t post last week (a touch busy)…so I am going to try and get this done before I go to bed tonight…but please don’t give up on me!  I have been through a lot this past week people!

1. We made our first trip to Montana this weekend for some good ol’ GRIZ football!  The Griz won…and it was HOT one!

2.  I have 31 students in my class…feels like 51, but lucky it’s not 35. And lucky I have a job. =)

3. Apparently “It’s Your Party” is big down south!  All my orders are coming from Mississippi and Florida!  Doesn’t matter where they are from KEEP THEM COMING!!!

4. I know a few weeks ago or 40 that I was doing a frame project for the living room…well it’s done and I forgot to actually post about it!  Here it is…we get zero lighting in this room…

The letters are just cardboard from JoAnn’s that I spray painted…the frames are all from Goodwill or garage sales and super cheap…the “&” is vinyl made from my Silhouette Machine.


This makes me laugh…a lot!

6. On Saturday at the Griz game there was a streaker…the first streaker I have ever seen and it was pretty darn funny! He jumped out of the student section with his undies on and then realized he wasn’t getting in trouble so why not pull those undies off?!?!? Butt naked he ran around the field, slapped his bum, and some other things that aren’t rated G. It was pretty funny.

7. This is my latest creation for a baby shower that a friend is throwing. I love it and want to make many more! I should be careful what I wish for!

8. I am headed to Jazz to the Cise tonight for the first time in awhile…my body is not looking forward to it but my brain is. HELLO STRESS RELIEF!

9. This is so random, but a few Fridays ago I was at the doctor’s office for a “well teacher check” (jk) and she offered me a flu shot. I always get them because 1) I work in a petrie dish (2) I get sick like it’s my job (3) I just do…
2 hours after the shot (this has NEVER happened before) I started getting a scratch in my biggie. Then my body started aching…hmm…weird. Then I had a headache and was exhausted. Hmm…perhaps a little stress? After much sleep and some research we figured out the next morning that it was from my flu shot! I felt perfectly fine the next day. It won’t stop me from getting them in the future, but I will make sure I don’t have any “important” things right after. CRAZY!

10. The other day on Facebook I was complaining because my kids hadn’t said anything “funny” for me to post…so today I am walking outside to get my class from recess and a second grade class is walking toward me. My friend Miss J is leading her line ever so nicely when she yells out to me “OH MY GOSH! I love it when you wear that shirt! It’s my favorite!” There were about 4 teachers in the vicinity and we all died laughing…


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