Ten on Tuesday…it’s been a struggle

20 Sep

Oh man…I was so good at this during the summer. I am getting my bum KICKED!

1. New favorite word in first grade that got the kibosh the first time it was said and the next 40 too!…”Sexy”…yes, they are saying “sexy”…funny thing…since contact was made with parents…nothing is “sexy” anymore. Thanks moms and dads!

2. Second Montana trip DOWN! The Griz won to put the definitely National Champs at 0-3 for the season. Everytime we passed a car with a EWU sticker…I was directed to show them a “o” with one hand and a “3” with the other…every.single.time. It took us WAY too long to get home and I thought I may die in Washington somewhere due to boredom while driving. I actually drove 1/10th of the trip. It was riveting. I hated it actually.

3. I started an AMAZING book that I was putting off for awhile thinking it was too “NASCAR-ISH” for me…it’s not. It’s good. The Art of Racing in the Rain. So. GOOD.

4. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. So sad. I have officially watched every minute every produced of Friday Night Lights and it was worth every stinkin minute! It is SOOOO good! I hope that reruns come on when I am older and my teenagers are watching it in syndication LOVING it as much as I love old reruns of 90210.

5. I got a hallpass thrown at me last week. I am SURE this will not be the last time this will happen…but COME ON! Who does that?!?!

6. I have another friend who’s pregnant. I know you guys aren’t even believing me anymore on this subject. It’s a true story though. Once again, I can’t yet release any names. It’s a good one though. And it needs to be a girl (but I say that with them all!)

7. Back to the Montana game…BEST part of the day…we park on one side of campus and tailgate on the other. I was walking alone from the car to the tailgate (don’t ask me where my counterpart was…) and the players and coaches were straggling from the locker room to another Hall on campus for the pregame meeting. One of the coaches walks passed me, sees my Oregon sweatshirt and says “Go Ducks”! Hello?!?! How cool is that?!?!? But then I remembered that a few MT players came from Oregon AND Head Coach, Pflugrad was a coach at Oregon. It made my day though…not to mention ALL the people inside the stadium with Oregon stuff on. LOVE IT!

8. You may remember telling you about my second etsy order that went all the way to Louisiana…but traveled over to Mississippi for the Ole Miss game! Here’s a pic!

9. Worse news this week…my Nannie Ene passed away. Nannie Ene is my Nannie’s sister. She came to stay with my Nan when my Grandpa passed away in 1983(ish) and never left. They fought like crazy but loved each other like crazy too! What sisters don’t? But now the sisters are together again. I am sure they are sitting at the slot machines in heaven.

10. The best news of this last week…wait for it…The Boy got a JOB!!!!! I am so excited!!!! He will be working for sweetest shoe/athletic clothing company ever!!! 4 letters. Big name. Hello Uncle Phil!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…it’s been a struggle”

  1. Sue T. September 24, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Loved reading up on your week! How is it that we work 12 steps from each other but I have to read about your life online??? Actually I knew most of this but “sexy” and throwing hall passes???? Are you kidding me? You make me smile and laugh either way and for that I thank you:)

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