Ten on Tuesday…

27 Sep

1. I have been a cutting machine! I have a pirate party, some red wagons to make, and a wedding plaque to finish in the next two weeks. I am about to sign on an order of cupcake toppers for a wedding. I am hoping it’s small wedding, but really hoping for a big wedding($$$). Unfortunately the cupcake toppers will say “GO Beavs”…just what we need in our society…more of them! I made a DARLING banner that I can’t wait to show you but I have to wait for my photog to get home from Maui…poor her!

2. I chopped my hair off! I was trying my best to grow it out to donate it. But I started school(incase you didn’t know) and it’s been rather warm…I gave up (yes, failure) and chopped it. SOOOO much easier to deal with. I am not sure what I was thinking when I wanted to grow it out. It looks gross 90% of the time.

3. I love the fall for many reasons but one being SEASON PREMIERS!!! We have been watching Parenthood (love that one for so many reasons!), Up All Night (new one with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph), and of course Grey’s Anatomy.

4. Sunday was my sister’s birthday. She would have been 34th. To me it seems like she should be older than that. We celebrated by going to Cheesecake Factory. I don’t think she had ever eaten there. I am SURE she would have LOVED it!

5. Thursday was my 6th Dog and Pony show of my career. Let me just say…I was not impressed with my clientele (that spelling doesn’t look right but I looked it up and it was and we all know that the internet is always right!). It’s no wonder my kids have a hard time following directions. Their parents are HORRIBLE at it! When the children walked in, they were handed an “Itinerary” to have their parents read to them and the kids showed them each thing. It should have taken no more than about ten minutes. At the end, they showed them their desks where they had written their Hopes and Dreams for first grade. There was a blank piece of the parents to fill out. I had 25 families come. I got about 10 Hopes and Dreams. Lucky for them…it will be waiting for them at Conferences! There’s no getting out of Miss MegPie’s homework.

6. Friday night we went to a local private high school football game to watch a friend’s nephew play varsity. When we arrived the 4 year old cousin jumps up to give me a hug. He tells me I am his best friend. He snuggles up on me and says, “I could just eat you up right now!” I said, “Why?” and he said “Because you smell so good!” I am still laughing about that. He is a character!

7. My pants split Monday morning…I ended the day with Jazzercise…enough said.

8. I had a boy today tell me he didn’t own video games. A small part of me thought “there really is hope for the human race”…I lost a bit last week.

9. The Boy started his job today…he was really excited and really excited when he came home. I am proud of him.

10. Incase you missed this little gem…here ya go! This is when I was skinny and thought I was fat..UGH!!!


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