Ten on Tuesday…a very sick ten…

4 Oct

1. I am sick slick right now. You don’t want to know about the slick part. Let’s just say I have gone through many of toilet paper squares. I prefer TP over Kleenex. Not sure why. It started because I just didn’t buy Kleenex so when I needed it I went to TP and now I just prefer it. Maybe it’s the convenient little hole in the middle I can shove the “dirties” into. Okay I will stop.

2. I picked up this gem Wednesday at the newest Duck Store in town.

3. Friday I went to pick my kids up from their second recess. The principal let me know that the kid at the end of the line is confused about what bathroom to use so there was a lesson on boys and girls. I won’t add anymore to that story because it would become very unprofessional very quickly.

4. 5 seconds later the recess IA told me that the kid at the end of the line was eating bark chips. I doubled checked to see who was at the end hoping it was someone different. DAMN. Same kid. Confirmation preschool would be his proper placement right now…but I am not into being unprofessional or anything.

5. This was my last of the season…praying Spring comes soon!!!
It was free too!!!!

6. What do we think of the newest Housewife in Beverly Hills?!?!? Ewwwpppsss I went to look up her name (Dana) and it says she’s only a “Friend of the Housewives”…her son seems genius like…I would love to see evidence of this. I would so sue her for those gravel rocks too! She does wear $25,000 sun glasses…who does that?!?!

7. On Thursday this is what I read on my friend Jenifer’s Facebook. “Today I met the entire cast of Twilight, and two pregnancy cravings. I think its safe to say sweet little Pretzel and Latte will not have to go through the torment of being Jenifer #4 in their kinder class next year 😉 I was confused at first then realized. She is an Early Childhood Special Education consultant. She goes into preschools and works with kids who have special needs. The cast of Twilight, Pretzel and Latte were the names of some of her children she was working with…people are interesting! I’ll leave you with a previous Facebook posting of her’s describing a recent meeting to attended.
ME: Hi my name is Jenifer and we’re here today to establish some goals and begin services. PARENT: No, we’re here today b/c 3 yrs ago I got drunk with my husband and failed to dodge that bullet ME: Oh..k..well..lets talk goals. On THAT note Happy Friday!

8. This made me laugh so much I had to post it!

9. Incase you are wondering how The Boy’s job is…this is the conversation we have everyday when he gets home. Me: “Hey, how was your day?” Him: “Freakin Awesome!” That makes me so happy I can’t even tell you. Good things come to those you wait…and work their bunz off!

10. Did I tell you that last week I earned another $.25 at Jo-Ann’s? I believe that makes the grand total $1.25…who says shopping in the ghetto doesn’t pay off?


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…a very sick ten…”

  1. Sue T. October 4, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    Thanks for making me laugh! I needed that:) I’m going to start saying “the google” just to bug my kids!

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