Ten on Tuesday…

11 Oct

1. I spend a lot of free time on Pinterest. I love it. It’s an addiction. The tricky part is actually doing the craft or making the food. The food thing though is in my favor…I don’t think making this kind of thing (seriously…cookie dough, batter, and oreos?!?!? who knew?!?!?!) would be good for me. I will keep pinning! Anyway, I came across this blog post as I was pinning…this woman is amazing.

2. I have some new items at my Etsy shop…check it out by clicking on my side button————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

3. I may have ordered THESE over the weekend! I love them! Thanks for the recommendation Suzette! (is that how you spell it?)

4. I found a new blog…actually TWO! First, my teacher friend Ms. Foote’s blog is D to the ARLING and since I don’t work in the same building I can still see what’s going on down the road! From Ms. Foote’s blog I found this darling first grade blog that I now read like a book…
What caught my eye was the title…anyone know where that came from?!?!

5. The Semilliams just came back from a little vacay in Maui (insert jealousy all over this post) and they got me a little something… They know me SOOO well!!!!

6. As we all know the Halloween season has begun. I love me some good Halloween decorations, but I don’t like the “dead” stuff. It’s gross. Perhaps I am just sensitive, but this weekend my neighbor put up some of her decor. I was fine with everything until I saw this…
Can you see that? That’s disturbing to me. It may not have helped that the night before she put these up, The Boy was watching his new show “Dexter” and there was a very bloody scene that I had to leave the room for and I do not have a sensitive stomach at all!

7. Some people have GI-NORMOUS hearts. I have a Facebook friend/ a friend’s mom/ one of the funniest people I know that has a GI-NORMOUS heart for my classroom and she hasn’t even seen it! She bought me a LOAD of stuff from Jo-Ann’s (how did she know?) for my classroom and kids. Thank you Mrs. V! You are the best!

8. How cute are these? A friend sent me this link. I think leg warmers are so cute!

9. Kyle and Kim from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are NOT my favorite!

10. Check out this site a friend sent me…www.sharingspree.com. I bought a deal from the new Aveda salon at the Town Center. I am super excited to use it. The best part of this “deal” is that part of the proceeds go to the Education Foundation of my school district! wahoo! Win Win for me!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Laurie October 16, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    Thanks for the blog shout out:-) Have another great four day week!

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