Ten on Tuesday…

18 Oct

1. 67 shopping days left till Christmas! Who knew??!?!

2. Made mac and cheese for our tailgate this weekend, then came home and made it for home. This was a genius idea seeing as that The Boy won’t eat leftovers and I had exactly 5 more helpings after we ate dinner. 5 helpings…five lunches in a school week? Coincidence…I think not!

3. I know most of you probably are on my Facebook…BUT..here’s my latest creation that I am LOVING!!!! Also, check out the cutie Trick or Treat banner YOU KNOW you want for your home!!! Just because I love you…if you want to order something…use the Coupon Code: PADDLE3 for a 10%!!! Or if you know me well enough to email me, or know my mom’s cousin’s wife’s sister’s brother in law…I will give you 10% off and you won’t have to pay for shipping through Etsy!

4. Last Wednesday was our 3rd annual Hawk-A-Thon at our school. It’s one of the most fun days for the kids…who am I kidding?!?!? It IS the most fun day for the kids…or as they would say “funnest”. The teachers have just as much fun too! The Magician, Presto, took the cake when he whipped out the rabbit. Who would have thought?!?!?

5. I love Giuliana and Bill…I just saw on the news that Giuliana has breast cancer. Cancer is taking over the world! I don’t get it!!!

6. I tutor a friend of mine’s little girl…she is in 3rd grade and I can almost say she’s my best friend. She laughs at my jokes and does voices like I do…what more could I ask for?!?!!?

7. If you haven’t tried the pumpkin muffins at Costco (you know the ones that have 9,000 calories in them) YOU HAVE TO!!!!! They are the de to my licious! Someone may have snuck one to me at school last week and that’s all I ate for lunch. It was amazing. Thank goodness they are seasonal!!!!

8. Oh man…this puts such an ending to my day…basically I had a crapolla day! I came home and did #8 and 9 and gave up on ten…then wouldn’t you know…it doesn’t even work and posts only 7 and ever so observant (or maybe the only one to read my posts) friend says, “Am I missing something?” Tomorrow WILL be a better day. It has too!


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