Ten on Tuesday…

25 Oct

1. I SEE BATS! So Friday afternoon I got a LARGE order for 150 bat cupcake toppers, with a catch…they had to be in Lake Stevens, WA by Thursday!!! Wahoo! So excited! NO PROBLEMO! This is via The Etsy. The great thing about Etsy is that it’s great and there would be many great creations just sitting in their original homes without it. The bad thing about Etsy is that you have to TRUST! Oh TRUST! If you don’t know me, I like to get things done and check it off the list. I don’t like waiting till the last minute (not to say that it doesn’t happen) but with The Etsy, I like to knock it out. You never know when you gigantic order will come in and you no longer have time for the one you could have done yesterday. You with me?!?!? So Friday at 1:00pm I told my “customer” that I had posted her item for her to purchase. “Great thanks!” was her answer. Saturday she still had not purchased. I emailed her to remind her that I couldn’t send them until that payment was made. NOTHING…not a purchase, not an email. So needless to say, I could have a TON of bat cupcake toppers…so if you or your mom’s sister’s cousin’s wife second cousin’s boss’ nail lady needs some cupcake toppers that are bats…let me know! I give you special deal! (nail lady voice)

2. Friday we woke up to a nice little gift from the Happy Valley police department (we don’t live in Happy Valley). We had a fat ticket on our windshield for parking the wrong way on the street. I know, I know DUMB! But no one comes in our neighboorhood and we have been doing it for almost three years now. So it’s marked that we are parked the wrong way…for a small fee. Then it’s almost marked that we are “hazardous” for a larger fee. If you add the two fees together it equals…a nice pair of shoes for that price! So we are baffled at what we did that was “hazardous”…we went through many scenarios in our head. My best was that our car was closest to the Portland Police that live on our street. But I then noticed they follow the Ducks away schedule and they were gone. So it wasn’t them…Our next door neighbor has already called the county to complain. So, we could be seeing Judge Judy pretty soon…who knows. I am still trying to figure out “hazardous”…am I being “hazardous” still?

3. Friday was a big day for me…I made a big adventure. I rode the Max (mass transit train) from Clackamas Town Center to Beaverton (approx. 25 miles). I did it for many reasons…not one of which being I care enough about the environment (my sister will strike me with lightening!) as to not drive. Sorry. I am so not that sort of gal. I love my car and I do my share of recycling. Done. #1 reason: I am driving C’s truck and it gets like 2 miles to the gallon. It would have cost me like $100 to get there. #2 Traffic sucks #3 C was already out there and why would we want two cars out there? #4 Who doesn’t need that kind of entertainment?!?!?! I had some great things to watch, but my favorite was the lady who sat down next to me and had a box that was leaking. I will probably do this again. It took me 1 hour and 16 minutes (the same as driving in Friday rush hour)…and worth every second.

4. Saturday afternoon Rose and I took her girls to see Pinkalicious at the Oregon Children’s Theater! It was sooo cute!

5.Sunday afternoon we celebrated R’s 3rd birthday at the Pumpkin Patch! It’s a great patch but man that place was busy!!!! Here’s a pic of two big dorks! This is our “best friends” pose.

6. I just heard this random fact during the World Series that Rhode Island could fit into the state of Texas, 220 times!!! Who knew?!?!

7. I got an email from my BFF Heidi today…she wanted me to know about this little gem. She hates it when I am sick…did I mention I now have a sinus infection? I don’t make this stuff up people! You guys will appreciate this after my post about my toilet paper…
You put your dirties in the right side!!!!

8. If any of you are contemplating going to AT&T…don’t do it. They suck. BIG TIME! I currently have a phone I got in February. They only honor your 1 year warranty from the date of the first phone not the two replacements I have had that WERE NOT MY FAULT. Lovely eh? So it’s…deal with the phone that only works when it wants to…or spend $125 on a new one. No thanks! August we will be out of the dumb contract!

9. I think this is so funny…I don’t really know why.

10. Parent Teacher conferences are this week. Please think about me.


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