Ten on Tuesday…(writing on Halloween night!)

1 Nov

I will mention that I am writing this on Halloween night…this may or may not matter…perhaps a fun trick or treater will make it in this post!

1. I have officially been initiated to Etsy by a HORRID customer…or I guess a NON customer! The lady that ordered 150 bat cupcake toppers…she’s a gem! I will do a separate post on her because this one won’t be big enough. Again…she’s a gem! She may have messed with the wrong seller…or seller’s friend!

2. My Ducks won this weekend, but they should have CREAMED! My favorite part of the game was afterwards when a TV guy asks Chip Kelly about “DeAngelo Thomas”…Chip says, “Well DeAngelo’s is a great place to eat, but De’Anthony…” I laughed a lot and I hope that broadcaster was embarassed! Who doesn’t know De’Anthony?

3. Over 10 year olds that are trick or treating and don’t have funny costumes on ruin the joy of opening the door.

4. I didn’t get the memo that kids weren’t wearing costumes this year! What the heck?!?! We have had TONS of kids come to the door with no costume! I know the economy is bad but throw on a white garbage sack and call yourself white trash or something!

5. I had 31 conferences last week. 3 didn’t show. One canceled because she had a baby! She actually called to cancel WHILE in labor! DEDICATED! One got the time wrong and didn’t bother to reschedule. One didn’t show up because she forgot she didn’t have a car. Yes, forgot.

6. I just had a Smurf come to the door! Super cute. I should have taken a picture!

7. We have had two over-excited kids actually walk into our house tonight! So funny! Parents freakin out!

8. This weekend we celebrated my grandma’s 90th Birthday! We went to Flying Pie pizza and it was like a daycare center with 7 kids under 2 and a half and one bun in the oven!

9. When I left our neighborhood on Saturday this is what I saw…I highly commend these people…and please don’t leave any comments about how this probably ruined the pump system or what not. They shouldn’t have put it there if they didn’t want soap every once in awhile! This happens about once a month but never this bad! I love it!

10. Last but not least…I spent Saturday with some of my favorites…here is one…


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…(writing on Halloween night!)”

  1. Heidi Williams November 1, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Yes…. the wrong friend 🙂

    LOVE the soap in the fountain.

    I saw the pics of all the kids & babes with grandma – SURPRISE sass had her eyes closed!…. I feel as though that photo finally helped me tell the difference between 2 of your cousins – Finally!

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