What I Find Rude and Unprofessional is YOU!

1 Nov

So…as promised, I will fill you in on the WHOLE story of the “Bat Lady” from Etsy.

Friday afternoon (the 21st I believe, I could be totally wrong and checking would waste my time because that’s not here nor there) I got an email aka a “Convo” on Etsy.com regarding making some Bat Cupcake Toppers. My customer “Leslie” needed 150 of them! I was astounded and thrilled because that was my easiest one! I was excited to fill the order so emailed her back within seconds to find out the details of when she needed them, etc. She needed them before the next Thursday…6 days to get them done and shipped to this lady. I knew I needed to work fast so I would have to get them done Saturday night (pre-planning around whatever I already had planned in the next few days) Leslie and I conversed a few times and she was thrilled about being able to get these since her original plan hadn’t panned out. My last email (this was all in 10 minutes mind you) was “I will post a RESERVE Listing for you. Don’t forget to purchase it and that gives me the go ahead to send it”. “Great” she says. So Saturday I prepare myself to make 150 and my sweatshop assistant…Charles. He’s a good gluer by the way! Sunday morning she still had not purchased the listing so I emailed her a friendly reminder that I couldn’t send the bats until I got the payment. No reply. Hmmm…there’s no way I could have been scammed! Tuesday I send another email stating that I would like to know what she wants me to do now because I am not sure I could get them to her without overnight shipping. Nothing. Hmm…now I am PISSED. So the day she needs them passes and I decide that I am going to let her know how I feel so I send her this email.


I find it extremely rude that you ordered something from my shop and then never purchased it. It’s understandable if you changed your mind, but to not notify the seller is very rude and unprofessional of you. Please do not try and purchase from my shop again.


She wrote this back to me within 40 minutes…

What I find rude and unprofessional- is YOU and this ridiculous message. I am sick with walking pneumonia and haven’t been doing much anything but trying to get better. Sorry if that messes with your schedule- but honestly, I could give a flying you know what about you and your silly cupcake toppers.
Also- you have been on Etsy all of what, 5 minutes? So have half a mind to show some respect and common courtesy to those who have been around a lot longer than you- and refrain from sending ignorant messages to those of the Etsy community.

And do NOT worry- there isn’t anything in your pathetic little shop that I would even considered buying.

Leslie Hooper

Now, you may say “Well MegPie she had pneumonia!” In her feedback section on her account, I can see what feedback she has left for sellers she has bought from. She ripped this seller apart because this seller had a STROKE and didn’t get her the item on time!

And that my friends is my lovely encounter with a HORRID customer. I have reported her to Etsy, but all I can do is block her from my “pathetic little shop” because there was no official transaction. I don’t regret making the bats. It was 2 hours and some supplies. But that’s not the point.

After some research I have found that she is a shop-o-holic! She has bought 283 items since 2009 off Etsy, and 83 just in October! She conveniently has blocked the part of her shop where people can see what feedback sellers have given her.


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