Ten on Tuesday

8 Nov

1. It’s possible that I am watching “DCC: Making the Team 6”..(DCC = Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders)…crazy! If you want any kind of motivation for working out or eating right…this is the show for you! Food…it’s what’s for dinner! Update: The preview for the next segment is the coaches calling the girls into their office to call them out on some scandelous pictures on the internet! Naughty Naughty!!!!

2. Raise your hand if you like “Wack a Mole?” Well, I was at my friend’s house last night (He’s three) and he had a cool version of Wack a Mole…I was only scared for the life of my hands about 50% of the time.

3. On Friday I skipped school and went to a Handwriting conference. Can I just tell you it was one of the BEST ones I have EVER been to?!?! Handwriting Without Tears…loved every minute of it including the presenter who was rather excited about her presentation.

4. Saturday we were able to head out to Beaverton to see a movie at the Progress Ridge Cinetopia. A-to the mazing! If you plan on going, bring your inheritance because you will need it! Yikes! We had a Groupon that some friends gave us and it was great! We sat in the “MP” and if you don’t know movie theater talk that means, “movie parlor” room and it was just like a living room minus the Cheetos in the couch and the dirty socks lying on the floor. We saw Moneyball with Brad Pitt (great flick!) and before the movie started there are screens on the walls that are framed to look like pictures and they were showing Oakland A’s stuff and scenes from the movie. They take your food orders before the movie starts and they have a full menu…insert inheritance here. One ticket in is $15.50 and I believe that was a Matinee price!

5. Now, don’t all go passing out on the floor or anything BUT I had some more allergy testing done on Tuesday and my grass and trees has gone down a touch! It’s a miracle…a true Allergic Miracle! Haha! I am pretty allergic to those things, so any improvement is great. (I have reached a new low on this ten on tuesday thing…)

6. iPhone…is the new piece of equipment this girl is carrying! My BFF let me borrow her old one because…well I won’t even bring it up because I don’t want to talk about it. But thank the iPhone lord for BFF!!!! I can now receive texts in a timely fashion..not four days later. =)

7. I just got word that Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Happy Valley will be hosting a benefit for The Dougy Center!!! Incase you didn’t know…I LOVE THAT PLACE! The center is for grieving children and families that have lost someone to death. I have been through the program twice and I owe my life to it! It’s a non-profit organization, therefore it does not charge families to attend. It’s an amazing place. The benefit takes place December 17th-24th and I will be there at least one of those days! Stay tuned for details and I can’t wait to see you there!

8. I got some new kicks a couple weeks after my voyage to Beaverton on the Max…
I couldn’t find a pic of the exact color…but they’re a little more pink than this!

9. I love my boyfriend for having a sandwhich made for me when I got home tonight. That was very nice of him.



2 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday”

  1. Heidi Williams November 8, 2011 at 7:32 am #

    whoohhooooo. It’s not a 10 on Tuesday for me, if it doesn’t include something about me! Glad you are enjoying the iphone!

  2. Laurie November 15, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    First of all, I love Moneyball. Did you know that Billy Bean played in Portland? Second, I thought the HWT presenter was crazy! We were horrible students at Saturday’s training.

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