Ten on Tuesday…

15 Nov

1. I am thrilled that Oregon is ranked 4th right now! They played amazingly well on Saturday and even Kirk Herbstreit said, “#Oregon is a completely different team now. They made Stanford look like a JV team & nobody wants to recognize that.” BOO-YA!

2. Here is my stand on the Penn State situation…EVERYONE that had ANY idea about it should be fired. ANYONE that knew about it should have called the police (not campus police) and kept calling until it stopped. It makes me sick to even think about those poor children. Tonight I will be watching the interview Bob Costas did with that Perverted Sick Man. I am sure I will have much more to say after that!

3. I can’t resist putting up these pics…a mom at school ordered these for her boys’ stocking stuffers (great idea eh?) and I just love how they turned out! Excuse my camera on my phone, and the lighting, and the photag…

4. I also have been trying my hand at more onesies…unfortunately, I can’t post what I have done on here…because mamas may read my bloggy…infact I know they do! Soon I will show I promise!

5. We just bought tickets with some of our BFF’s to see Anjelah Johnson in February! I am soooo excited I can’t stop watching this…

6. Frustration= what happens when 14/31 kids turn in their homework. Mean Meggie’s coming out! Those 14 got triple the incentive today (they were pumped), and from now on, those that do will get “Monday Funday”…those that don’t will get…hmm…I don’t have a little rhyme for that one, but basically it’s study hall…SUCKAS!

7. I currently have 6 plastic tumbler orders that I have gotten in the past 48 hours! HOLLA!!!

8. I couldn’t NOT write about this next thing. I got this email for a “Sharing Spree” which seems like a great deal…but part of it was a gift certificate for restaurants.com. I had never heard of this said website so I went right there. HOLY SMOKES…unless I haven’t read the fine print (which I haven’t so it may be a scam!) you can get some amazing deals on that site! Check it out and tell them I sent you! (they probably won’t care though)

9. Scrip…are you people familiar with this concept? It’s a fundraiser for my school…but before you stop reading…YOU DON’T HAVE TO REALLY SPEND ANY MONEY!!! Well, I guess you do, but it’s all for stuff you already buy (seriously any restaurant you can think of plus stores too!). For example: I may or may not go to Jo-Ann’s Superstore a lot. Well, I can get a giftcard for Jo-Ann’s for $25.00 and 5% will go back to my school! Seems like a great plan to me…except I think I just spent my paycheck! Let me know if you want in on this sweet deal! I am all about deals!

10. In a few weeks some of my tumblers will be in a giveaway over at dot…dot…dot… I will give you the details next week!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. April November 15, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    OMGoodness … the tumblers turned out so.flippin.cute!!! Love, love, LOVE!!! That comedian is hilarious! She nailed that one … pun intended – ha! Thanks for the shout-out in #10 … you rock!! :o)

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