Ten on Tuesday…

22 Nov

This should be a good one…it’s Monday at 9:45 and I’ve got nothing on my mind to share!

1. I was babysitting at Jazzercise tonight and I had a new kid that I hadn’t met before. He told me basically his entire life story in approximately 15 minutes. It started with “when I was born my older sister wore a t-shirt that said “Big Sister” and it was hilarious!” I asked him if he remembered it and he looked at my like I was a hot mess!

2. Pre-Black Friday sale today through December 1st! 10% of everything in my Etsy shop!
Check it out here! My tumblers would be a great teacher gift or stocking stuffer! Use coupon code: “black”

3. As fast as #4 was handed to Oregon, it was taken away. SAD game on Saturday. You can’t leave it all to the kicker…

4. How cute are these girls?!?! Saturday night Bellarmine Prep came down to Vancouver to play Skyview in the State Football Playoffs. My cousin’s husband is one of the coaches at Bellarmine so we were cheering loud for the lions! Sadly, the lions couldn’t pull it off. But I got to love on these girls!!! My godson Tyler doesn’t sit still long enough for a picture!

Rylee, Aubrey, Adison

5. Today I was “served” with a violation of our HOA for having a Satellite dish attached to our house. The warning said it could be clamped or on a free standing tripod. The funniest part about it, is that in our “Bylaws” it says nothing about it not being attached. Stay tuned…OH and if you are still staying tuned to hear what happened regarding our ticket we got parked outside our house?!?!?! Keep staying tuned because we haven’t heard back from the City of Happy Valley in which we don’t live. =)

6. I am currently into Day 4 of a 9 day vacation and it’s LOVELY!!! I was able to sleep in, Jazzercise in the morning, run errands, take naps…it’s GLORIOUS!!! Don’t worry…your tax dollars are not paying for it. HELLO FURLOUGH DAYS!

7. From an Etsy shop owner…please leave feedback for anyone you buy anything from off Etsy. I am currently looking to buy an expensive thing that I REALLY like off Etsy but the person has NO feedback and if you remember correctly…I need to see some feedback before purchasing!!! I can’t tell you what I am going to buy because there is a chance the receiver is reading this now. =)

8. This is on the menu for the entire week. Have I told you I go months eating the same thing every weekday? Right now it’s Egg Sandys and it has been for almost a year now. So not joking. I have switched the egg in the hole this week. It’s a holiday week and all! FURLOUGH DAYS!

9. We celebrated Civil War day last week at school since this week was a Furlough Week (have I mentioned that already?) My teammate and I got our nails did and the kids LOVED IT!

10. On my first day of Furlough week (we don’t get paid on furlough days incase I haven’t said that already) I had lunch with two of my favorite teachers…and this DARLING!!!!


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