Ten on Tuesday…

29 Nov

1. I just came off of 9 days vacation from school! It was joyous! It was also hard getting my butt up at 5:15 and running 5 miles this morning! JK! Did you really think I did that? YOU clearly don’t know me! I do get up at 5:15 though. I was late to work. Late for me is 6:50…It was beautiful to have no “bedtime” and no wake up time the last 9 days!

2. Thursday for the giving of Thanks we had my mom over for breakfast and then we headed to The Boys’ parents house for some good eats. People…I am not a fan of Thanksgiving just so ya know! BUT these yams the Mrs. made were so ENJOYABLE! I gained 5 lbs from looking at them! They were like candy on my lips…I think I am drooling just thinking about them.

3. Friday was Black Friday…I wasn’t a crazy who went out at midnight and arrived home at 6:45am! Infact, a friend said she stood inline JUST TO BUY HER ITEMS for 2.5 HOURS!!! Really?!?! My bed is much more enjoyable. I went to Jazz to the Cise at 8 then at 9 The Boy and I headed to Target to get some “doorbusters”…and guess what?!?! They were still there! We picked up an Aerobed because our mattress just isnt’ cutting it anymore. JK! You didn’t think we have been sleep on an air mattress did you? We currently have a futon that will soon be vacating my craft room to make more for my sweat shop of first graders that do my business for me and I pay them $.10 per hour…only if they are on good behavior. Okay back to reality…we have SO MANY guests that stay over we have to have a place for them to sleep. We don’t really BUT if we did…we need a sleeping place. Or if it gets so hot like we are in the Sahara like last summer, we can sleep in the living room. So if you want a futon that’s in good shape…let me know!

4. So does anyone recognize this little guy?

He’s Ndamukong Suh…he plays for the Detroit Lions. This boy is HUGE! He’s 6’4 and weighs 307 lbs. This boy is NOT fat…
Why am I talking about this boy? I saw him as a LITTLE guy…little meaning….4 years old. His sister and I twirled baton together (little trivia about MegPie!) and Ndamukong would run like a mad man all over the hallways. Who knew he was practicing for the NFL!!!! I so wish I had a picture of him when he was that little! He’s currently in trouble with the NFL for a little “penalty” on Thanksgiving day…my mom and I joke about his mom getting on his case for it too!

5. The Boy has been given the privilege of being a Godfather to one of our AMAZING friends’ baby. He’s super excited and keeps saying, “Why would they choose me?” very genuinely…so cute!

6. Baby Shower on Thursday for my friend Jessica!!! I can’t wait! I made some decor that I will PROMISE to take pics of!

7. Okay peeps it’s time to pull out those pocket books! JK! I am killing myself with jokes!
Are you looking to donate some moola this holiday season? Check out these options for donating to my FAVORITE charity, The Dougy Center.

Pure Salon Spa (1423 NE Broadway in Portland) is hosting an Open House on December 4th from 1 to 4 p.m. Get great deals on Aveda products, and Pure Salon Spa is donating 5% of the proceeds to The Dougy Center.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Need a break from the hustle and bustle? Visit Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Northeast Portland (1441 NE Broadway) or in Happy Valley (15918 SE Happy Valley Town Center), from December 17th to 24th, and add a donation to The Dougy Center to your purchase. Peet’s will match donations up to $1,000.

Trees by Bike
Trees By Bike
Order your holiday tree from Trees By Bike. Pedal-powered delivery is included with your purchase (check their website for delivery area) and 10% of the purchase will be donated to The Dougy Center.

C.W. Baggenstos Farms
CW Baggenstos Farms
If you want to cut your own tree this year, visit C.W. Baggenstos Farms (West on Hwy 26, Mountaindale Exit 55). Part of your purchase will support The Dougy Center, and C.W. Baggenstos Farms will provide everything you’ll need—including a hayride to the field and free hot chocolate. They also have a tree lot on the corner of SW Allen and Hall in Beaverton.

8. Supwitchugirl just posted this video on Twitter and Facebook…it gave me chills…
Here’s too all my fellow Duck fans! Click here to watch! Heidi and Rae, just skip this one. =)

9.And as promised I told you I would update you on the status of my ticket… I got a letter from Happy Valley City that said…”Guilty” and there was a receipt. Merry Christmas to us!

10. So if you haven’t already…head on over to dot…dot…dot and enter to win my giveaway today! April is giving away two 20 ounce personalized plastic tumblers from my Etsy shop!


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