Ten on Tuesday…

6 Dec

1. I am home with PINK EYE! What the heck?!?! How many times does a girl have to get this? It’s gross and no one including your significant other wants to be around you. You have to change your sheets. You change you pillowcase every night for 5 days. You have to use a different wash cloth everyday to “clean” the eye. You have to get all new makeup. Luckily this time I was almost done with both eyeliner and mascara. Last time I had JUST bought expensive eye liner. Never again. You have to put eyedrops in 4 times a day (I don’t mind that). You have to wash your hands till they bleed. And you “have” to stay home from work (bummer!) BUT I am so thankful I have PINK EYE and NOT LICE! Pink eye is like winning the lottery compared to LICE!

2. Friday was report card day for teachers. I always get mine done at home before that day so I can just prep in my classroom. My teammate and I were in her room conferencing about everything and anything when The Boy called. I was a little nervous. I don’t get calls a lot. Texts, yes. Calls, no. So I was nervous. He was calling to ask if I wanted to go to the FIRST Pac-12 Championship game that night. UMMMMMM YES!!!!!!! So we headed to Eugene to root for my Duckies! It was an awesome time to be in that stadium and really cold! We stomped on the Bruins but it should have been even worse. The reffing was HORRID, but I am sure the refs were paid more to make sure it wasn’t a slaughter. I get it. I understand. A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do! To beat the traffic afterward we headed to one of our favorite places that is NO WHERE to be found in the Portland/Metro area. The ONLY place that it is still standing in Oregon is Eugene…CHILI’S!!!! That place has some BOMB Southwestern Eggrolls. Yes, I said BOMB. We rolled into our hood around 1:00am. That doesn’t EVER happen.
Here’s two of my pics. Love Chip Kelly’s motto for the team…the next pic is after they won, hoards of people came running from under the stands with these huge balloons that were filled with confetti. It was so fun!

3. In other news, we are done fighting the HOA. We will be “clamping” our satellite dish to the house. This means unscrewing it from the house where it currently resides. The reason? “We don’t want anything to interfere with the “envelope” of the house and cause water leaks.” UMM…guess what HOA? There’s holes right now with screws in them. If we take the screws out…there will be holes still. Damage done. Perhaps if you would have TOLD us prior to putting it up TWO YEARS AGO this wouldn’t be a problem.

4. What’s up with athlete’s thinking they can do whatever the hell they want? I don’t get it. My boy Suh just messed up AGAIN! Then Cliff Harris who has worse behavior then my 7 year olds just got booted from the team. I admire Chip Kelly for standing his ground with this “hoodlum” as my mom would say. =)

5. This weekend I made approximately 23 cups. And I still have more to make! They are ALL for Christmas gifts…You should get one!

6. Has anyone seen this? It’s a little beauty. It tells you how to make your own ringtone! I am sure my friend Heidi has, because she has seen EVERYTHING! If anyone can guess where I got those instructions I will give you a shout out next week on my T on T.

7. Thursday I helped throw a baby shower for a good friend of mine! I used to teach with her until she moved away =( Maybe again one day! She’s having a girl in January so of course the theme was pink! Here’s a few pics. One of my favorite things, in which I have no pics (I am horrible! I just need Heidi to follow me around!) but I did mason jars for the drinks! LOVED it! I am not sure the guests appreciated it but I know Jess and I did! Thankfully I have a few friends that came through for me after I got this idea 2 days before the shower. Mason jars are the popular item right now! I will be on the lookout for a permanent set for showers. I just think it’s so chic with a little ribbon on it and a colorful straw. The onesies in the pics are Freezer Paper Onesies. They are SUPER easy and go brilliantly with my Silhouette!

Scooter Onesie, The Mama and Daddy both ride scooters!

This one I got off Pinterest!

And there’s sweet Jane who couldn’t handle all the fun!

8. We got a rather large tree this year. We set it up. Put water in it. Left to deliver my mom’s tree to her. We can home 3 hours later. The tree was on the ground and water was everywhere. As you can imagine, that was fun to clean up. It’s now been standing for 24 hours decorated. Hopefully it stays that way. Wet carpet makes me have anxiety.

9. Saturday afternoon we went to LaSalle’s State Championship football game and THEY WON! We have a friend that plays on the team. They played great. We froze to death and had PLENTY for football for the weekend! Way to go Falcons!

10. I am a little over halfway done with my Christmas shopping and I haven’t been to the mall once! Wahoo! I believe I will have to head over there at some point, but I could totally avoid it which is my plan. That place is insane! We don’t even like to drive in front of it because the people coming out of there are possessed!


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