Ten on Tuesday…or Wednesday…

14 Dec

1. So last week on dot…dot…dot…she was having giveaways and guess what reader won the Starbucks card? THAT’S RIGHT!!! This girl!!!! I also got at least one new customer!

2. On Sunday The Boy and I ran up to the school because I left my package from Amazon.com up there. I like to “hurry” to do everything so I was “hurrying” and when I got out of the car, my foot caught on my long purse strap…guess what happened? This girl BIFFED it right out of the car. I am not sure my feet even touched the sidewalk. NOT PRETTY. My skinned knee is hurting right now which reminded me to write about it. Everything does happen for a reason!

3. Today it was proven to me that Santa does exist. I can’t share why I say that…but it’s a good thing!

4. This weekend I tried some Cupcake brand (you know the wine?) Vanilla frosting flavored vodka…BTW, this had nothing to do with #2…and it was DELICIOUS! I recommend!

5. Next week I am going to have to “nut up” and stand up to my grandma. She’s a mere (did I use that word right?) 90 years old and needs her laundry done and her house cleaned. Team Conway is headed in and she’s not going to be happy. Sometimes we don’t have choices though =) (teacher talk) Heck if anyone wants to come do those things at my house let me know!

6. I have bought and wrapped 90% of my Christmas presents. I have not bought ONE thing for The Boy. Seriously, not one. I have good reasoning but can’t talk about it on here at this point in time. I have next week off work so it’s all good!

7. Friday (last day before break) we are having a Pajama day at school along with a cereal party and a movie! We should get “A LOT” done that day I am sure of it.

8. As I write this I am waiting for Biggest Loser to come on. I already looked up who wins. Not happy. But really I wouldn’t have been happy with any of them because I loved Sunny the most. =(

9. This Saturday The Boy and I will be signing autographs at Peet’s Coffee in Happy Valley (by the New Seasons.) Okay, we aren’t signing anything…I mean we could sign your coffee cup if you’d like…but we are promoting The Dougy Center…one of my favorite places! Stop by and see us and buy some drinks!!!!

10. I just bought some really cute reindeer jammies at Old Navy for Friday (see #7). I figured since I have been wearing the same jammies for like 4 years now on PJ day I needed to change it up a bit before people start judging me.


2 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday…or Wednesday…”

  1. Laurie December 14, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Ditto ditto to #4!

  2. hidees13 December 14, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Santa DOES exist!! I know it too……

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