Ten on Tuesday

20 Dec

1. Thanks for all of you who visited us at Peet’s Coffee and donated to The Dougy Center! We will be back this Saturday (Christmas Eve) from 12-2! Come see us and donate to the best cause ever! Okay there are lots of good ones but this is my favorite!

2. I have ONE count them ONE more present to get. It’s an easy one and I am waiting because I may or may not think of something else to get before then.

3. I would be all wrapped minus the fact that we ran out of paper last night! GRRR! I had just been to Target too and had no clue we were almost out. Oh Darn! I have to go to Target again.

4. Saturday we went to University of Portland to see their men TRY and take on our Grizzlies of Montana. Montana took care of business. It was fun to see so many Portland Montana fans! Did know you know John Stockton’s son plays for Montana? They are full of famous kids over there! Because you know that Joe Montana’s kid is a quarterback there? N.A.M.E.D.R.O.P.P.I.N.G.

5. I just put lotion on my legs that smells like candy canes and I am in heaven! If you don’t know, one of my FAVORITE things is peppermint!

6. Sunday we celebrated the baptism of Maximus William! The Boy is the Godfather so it was a very special day for us! Here’s some pics…

5. Friday was our last day of school before the Holidays so us teacher celebrated too! My friend T hosted at her beautiful home! Here’s the YUMMY champagne punch we served. The glasses are rimmed with cranberry sugar and there are some cranberries inside the glass! DELISH!

6. I am currently chained to my house. The DirectTV people are coming to move the satellite dish to make the HOA happy and they could be here anytime between Monday and Friday! JK…but it’s 12-4 and this girl doesn’t like to just sit around. Keep in mind there is PLENTY to do here including the 40 loads of laundry that needs to be folded!

7. DirectTV guy is here. He’s even pissed at our HOA! He’s currently digging a hole in our backyard to attach the satellite dish too. LOVELY! Nothing but class out here folks!

8. I am pulling from the bottom of the barrel at this point. 3 more! 3 more!!!! You’d think I ‘d start keeping track of things I’d like to post.

9. We went to Hawthorne Hophouse tonight. DELISH! I recommend!

10. It seems like I know a lot of people right now who’s loved ones are sick or have died recently. So with that…I pray for peace for their families and love this Christmas season.


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