Ten on Tuesday…

10 Jan

1. Co-hosted a shower for my cousin…did I take pics? Let’s just not talk about that! But apparently it was a hit because Baby Boy decided he wanted to come out early. She went into labor that night, but has kept him “in” so far! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as he needs a little more cookin!

2. We have been asking our “posse” to be a part of our wedding in non-traditional ways. Today was the officiant’s turn. He’s a good friend of ours and it was no question as to who we would ask. We sent him this today…

And he sent us this back…

We are super excited to have him be a part of our wedding!

I will be posting how I asked my other Posse members soon!

3. Speaking of babies…my friend Jessica’s baby should be here ANYDAY…while we are awaiting her arrival, I have been “flaring up” some burp cloths for her. I am not quite done so I am sure she is waiting for those to be finished before heading out!

4. Last week a favorite student of mine brought me this…I love stuff like this because it came directly from their heart!

5. We officially have a DJ booked (Event Team Entertainment!) and I can confidently say he’s the best in town. I have been to two of his weddings and they were a blast! He’s makes it super fun and unforgettable! We are excited to start working with him to make our day the best!

6. While wedding planning a friend of mine sent me a message about a place called Something Borrowred PDX…can you say “AMAZING”? It is a FREE place to borrow (yes, borrow not rent or buy!) things for your wedding! I had a big list of items I needed, but since my wedding day is only 176 days away…many things were already reserved. But what an amazing site! Check them out at http://somethingborrowedpdx.com/

7. So I posted this video on my Facebook, but I needed to post it again. Yes, the language isn’t great but the grandma is hysterical! Check it out!

8. Mother and I attend the Portland Bridal Show this weekend. WOW! If you want to have people in your face I suggest going there! I couldn’t even figure out what the vendor was before they were shoving a piece of paper in my face for a drawing or asking my blood type! (not really but every other bit of info!) There were some good ideas, but I was thankful that I was further along in planning than some!

9. I am still trying to figure out what happened at the BCS National Championship game…no touchdowns?!?!? Where’s LaMichael when you need him?

10. Dress shopping Sunday!!!! wahoo!!!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Laurie January 10, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    Supe fun! I was just about to send a comment.your way, asking where the Ten on Tuesday was.

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