Ten on Tuesday

17 Jan

1. So last week I showed you how we asked our Officiant to be part of our wedding! So now I can FINALLY tell you how I asked all my Bridal Posse. I knew I didn’t want to “just ask” and I wanted it to be creative. After a ton of “Pinning” I found an awesome way that I thought they would enjoy plus they now have a useful tool for the wedding!

And here are my darling flowergirls…

2. I have another nephew as of last Tuesday night! He came 6 weeks early but is doing AWESOME! This is Camden and he weighed 5 lbs. and 8 ounces when he was born!

3. I now have a wedding dress! Well, half of one I guess since half of it’s paid for! I took my MOH (that’s matron of honor in “Wedding Talk”), the MOB (mother of the bride) and MOG (mother of the groom). We had a great time and I am pretty proud of myself. I used my 2 hour time slot…had it down to two dresses and picked it! I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH it makes me want to skip! Seriously!

4. We are currently in a “Storm Watch” however I am not sure it’s actually a “storm” but I liked those words. I could have a lot of fun if we have a snow day tomorrow. 2 hour delay would be sweet too! All my former students (and lots of teachers) have spoons under pillows and jammies inside out. It works every time! Now, I just remembered I need to go make sure I know who I am supposed to call on the phone tree!

5. One of my Posse Members and I were “youtubing” (nothing like Tebowing) wedding stuff and this commercial came up…I can’t stop laughing…I love it!

6. It’s now Tuesday morning and there’s not a flake to be seen or an ice patch for that matter. It’s pouring down rain…lovely.

7. February 7th Real Housewives of Orange County starts back up! I.can’t.wait!

8. ADDICTING WEBSITE ALERT! I found this website on another bloggy…and I ordered a darling stamp from them…I went to revisit there site and upon further inspection I realized it’s one of those super fun sites that has a new “deal” everyday that YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! I am so excited I just signed up to get the daily emails!

9. Our PTA requested an elementary school photo of us. Mine was from Kindergarten and I will show you on here when I get it back in a month or two…but my principal told me I look like Nelly!

10. And now because it’s taken me over 24 hours to put this together…I leave you with this…
Which is what I am headed to do!


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