Ten on Tuesday…

14 Feb

1. I spent the weekend all by myself. The Boy took a Mancation to the coast to fish with the “guys”. He brought me back some lovely crab! MY FAVORITE!

2. Sunday as I was driving to get gas, I noticed a “free” sign on someone’s lawn. It was a pallete that I “needed” so on the way back I pulled over and threw (read: struggled to get it in and it almost didn’t fit) it in the back of my rig (read: small suv)

3. Last week was Staff Appreciation week at my school. Can you say SPOILED?!?!! Seriously these parents are just amazing and worked their tushies off to give us the best possible week ever! See schedule for details: Monday: “coffee bar/pastries and other breakfast goodies” Tuesday: Sweet and Salty treat cart came around to your room after school for as many goodies as you’d like, plus we got a note with a darling cookie telling us it was dessert day the next day. Wednesday: Dessert buffet Thursday: Cards from the cutie kiddos Friday: Lunch Thank you sweet mamas for spoiling us and making us feel appreciated!

4. I missed Friday because of a meeting and then I took the afternoon off to tend to some wedding needs. Monday morning when I got in I found this in my mailbox.
It came with a coupon good for one 30 minute time slot of him taking our class so we could do WHATEVER WE WANTED! Like a smoke break or something! I love a principal that supports good habits!

5. I purchased the flower girls’ dresses this weekend off Zulily. They are DARLING and I am so relieved to have gotten them! Praying they fit perfectly!

6. I think the full moon has lasted long enough! After calling the office for like the 5th time today…I’d had enough! One of my “favorites” was using a rather naughty word. However, he thought it was okay because he was spelling it and not saying it. I was pretty happy he was able to get the /ck/ in there!

7. Incase you haven’t seen my Facebook, Laurie over at Chickadeejubilee is celebrating her 100th follower with a GIVEAWAY!!! Who doesn’t love giveaways?!?! She MIGHT just be giving away a tumbler from a certain ETSY SHOP!!!!

8. This morning I came upstairs after eating breakfast and there was a sweet card from The Boy…and a STARBUCKS GIFTCARD!!! He knows the way to my heart for sure! He also wrote a REALLY sweet note in the card that made me cry! Love him!

9. When I got to school today my sweet teacher friend gave me this DARLING little goody! She’s a newbie on Pinterest and created this! She’s adorable! It’s a rice krispy treat inside! She’s also the one that will Jazz it all off with me!

10. My Save the Dates have been ordered thank you to Sassy for getting those done for us! She is incredibly talented and I would be LOST and broke without her!!!!!! Hopefully they will be in my mailbox by week’s end and out for my guestees!!!!!


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