Ten on Tuesday…

28 Feb

1. Let’s talk about Lent…don’t really celebrate it…but once in awhile I love a good challenge. I did this once two years ago and needed to do it again. I needed to give up STARBUCKS! Man just typing that word makes me drool. So Lent started last Wednesday. Last Monday we didn’t have school so that just throws my whole week off. Tuesday I thought was Monday and so on. So in my head I was on Tuesday but really it was Wednesday. Wednesday morning I walk into Starbucks planning to get a Grande which is different than usual. But I knew this was my last one for awhile so I went “all out”. I got to school happy as a clam. Looked at the calendar. I had failed already! So I started then. Oh well! I will just go an extra day to make up for it.

2. I got my Viggle app to work finally! Wahoo! I have over 9,000 points now. Nothing compared to my friend Mal who is at like 100 million thousand. My key moments…the Oscars, winning the Oscar Trivia of Best Picture, and checking into the NASCAR race! PLEASE NOTE…I DO NOT WATCH NASCAR! I needed to DVR it for someone I know (for real) and I was like…hey hey score!

3. Sunday we hit up one of my favorite places…a certain employee store for a certain LARGE athletic shoe company. I got a pair of new kicks for Jazzing. I can’t wait to try them out!
Don’t mind the Cheerios and other stuff in the background. Maid was fired today.

4. Saturday we got to bottle the beer that The Boy and his friend are making. I assisted as the friend was out of town…but assisted also means tasting…I CAN’T WAIT TILL IT’S ACTUALLY DONE! It was bomb.com! Incase you’re wondering…it’s a Citra and it tastes oddly like my favorite beer EVER

5. My flower girl dresses came today and I can’t wait to see them with them on! My flower girls are twins and what’s better than one cute flower girl?!?!?! TWO!!!!

6. So last week’s Supper Club found us at “Good Taste Noodle House”…hmm…I thought I could handle it. I love me some steamed white rice and bbq pork with that yummo red sauce and the sesame seeds and the hotter that crap mustard. Let’s just say…it was nothing I expected. No sauce. And how does someone mess up bbq pork and steamed rice?!?! It had an AWFUL taste to it! It didn’t help there were dead birds hanging in the glass case. Please note: these birds were edible birds and ready to be chopped. Not sure why they have to hang out in the restaurant but whatevs. We got frozen yogurt after so my tummy was happy.

7. I am currently making a “Birthday Set” for my friend/customer. Her babe is turning 1 and the theme is birds! It’s darling but I will wait to post it until it’s all done…stay tuned…

8. Incase ya’ll didn’t know…March is my birthday month. It’s not a big one but I do love MY BIRTHDAY! What’s awesome about birthday month is that all those clubs I signed up for send me things for free during this month. Example: I just got my free tickets to ComedySportz which I LOVE and last year we didn’t use it on time and I was a sad panda. I am thinking I want to use it THIS WEEKEND! Now I am still waiting for, Red Robin, Cold Stone and who knows what else! It’s like a surprise every year.

9. A friend sent me this video…it’s so cute and funny! Incase you are wondering…they are Kindergartners which is 1 year younger than I teach…and my kids are just as well behaved…incase you are wondering…http://youtu.be/yE7waNi5dc0

10.I am eating this for dinner tonight…don’t judge.


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Marcy February 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    Hate to tell you that this noodle house restaurant was on fox 12 dirty dining this week on tv….yikes……glad you didn’t get sick!!!!!

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